Games of Tron

Tonight on GeekNights in honor of the upcoming Tron Legacy, we discuss various video games based on the world of Tron. In the news, the slim PS3 is official, and MMO balancing is the wrong problem to solve. Also, PAX is soon, we are going, and our schedule is announced.


Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the MMO researcher, cheating at games, and all that entails. In the news, LucasArts classics are coming to Steam. Hopefully this will mean that TIE Fighter is coming back soon. Also, people discuss why MMOs make you walk.


Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the classic Gauntlet video game series. In the news, Blood Bowl is coming out soon, and so is Natural Selection 2.

Muse Games Interview

Tonight on GeekNights we talk with our friends Alex and Emily from Muse Games about their new game, Elementia, and being a game developer for reals.

Retro Arcade Museum

Tonight on GeekNights we have a very special interview with the proprietor of the Retro Arcade Museum.

Spooky Games

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the scariness of video games. In the news, Wii Motion Plus is really coming, and Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch is released.

Game Marketing Exaggerations

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the phenomenon video game marketing falsely claiming that new games solve the problems of old games. In the news, the economics of making and selling games is in trouble, and everyone is talking about OnLive.

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