Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about farts. More importantly, "Why do tiny silent farts, smell worse then big loud farts?" We consider the fattest guy and the smallest wheeled briefcase. We ponder Scott's lost water bottle and new umbrellas. We expound on PAX's abbreviated hours in light of its extra day. We think about changing facial hair. We wonder how we became the biggest citation for Dudebro. All of this, plus farts.

Off the Grid Geeks

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the strange yet common case of very geeky/nerdy people with deep interests who, for whatever reason, seem to have zero connections outside of a tiny, single community related to said interests. They love games, but have never heard of PAX. They love anime, but don't know anyone else who does. They attend one fan convention, and don't know others exist anywhere. They're super into Advance Wars, but didn't know any sequels ever came out. But, before that, in... The Lounge... we consider a tale that hearkens back to The Bamboo, a new subway tunnel(pre-grime), and Google Maps on the iPhone.

Also, ConnectiCon 2013 Panel and Workshop submissions are live! And, we launched a new show! GeekNights Presents.


Tonight on GeekNights, we consider hats. That, however, is mostly an afterthought as we GeekBite Prometheus, complain about GoPro's extra shoddy bicycle mount (three broke between us just recently), and the Department of Justice is finally going after the big cable companies over their monopolistic and anticompetitive practices.

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