Hardware Sabotage

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the results of a recent US congressional investigation's findings against Chinese firm Huawei, we talk a bit about hardware exploits and security concerns on a high level. But, before that, Rym's Lenovo X230 had some issues, Scott learned of the tragic ring of fire, Raising the Bar reveals a horrifying reality, and Rumble 2012 was streamed with an amazing degree of incompetence. Also, PAX East badges are on sale, and will sell out.

My Phone is Too Big and a Tech News Roundup

Tonight on GeekNights, back (temporarily) from travel, we complain at length about the growing size of cell phones, and then launch into a tech news roundup of everything important we've missed. In a very particular order: GoDaddy fails us for the last time, nearly everyone wants Google Fiber, surveywalls replace paywalls, Amazon backs out of their no-opt-out ads on the Kindle Fire, at least one person throws a hissy fit about Microsoft's handling of the Do Not Track option, and "free market ideology" correlates with all sorts of crazy.

Paying for Stuff

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk very, very generally about paying for things with technology. We also talk a bit about Jewish weddings, Facebook's continued decline, and the Amazon Cloud Player.

Tech News Roundup March 2012

Tonight on GeekNights, it's a Tech News Roundup! We consider the NHTSA's recommendation to cripple car navigation systems, the NHTSA's revelation that US driver's education is wrong about at least one thing, Facebook's battle to protect your passwords, an MIT professor's prediction that in 50 years we can end disabilities, Japan's fear of free speech on the Internet, and the battle over the custody costs of Megaupload's data.

Circumventing SOPA

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the possibility of the passage of SOPA, which, while not nearly so odious as the CBDTPA, makes the DMCA look scarily reasonable by comparison, we consider the various means of routing around this sort of damage to the Internet. From Elephant DNS to Waste to private Trust Networks

In the news, Best Buy has discounted Apple hardware and Amazon Wireless has one-cent smartphones. We also talk some shop about our recent playing of Shogun.

Amazon Web Services

Tonight on GeekNights, as it's a big part of Scott's job, we talk about the Amazon Web Services in a general sense. In the news, Anonymous targets child pron sites (closer to Scott's suggestions for impressive hacks), and Ice Cream Sandwich cometh alongside the Galaxy Nexus. Rym is also disappearing for Japan for some weeks, but this should not interrupt your regularly scheduled GeekNights.

Databases of Facts

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk a but about the problems the maintainers of databases (such as the lawsuit against the time zone database) of fact can face, despite their importance to society and the Internet as a whole. We take more than a moment to mourn the passing of Quickster, and wonder at the future of Google DART, We also have the answer to what "St Oui" was all about.

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