Tech News Roundup May 2013

Tonight on GeekNights, we run through a tech news roundup, covering Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr, Yahoo's updates to Flickr, the FDA's upcoming decisions regarding triclosan in antibacterial soap, the first real augmented reality overlay glasses, and Yahoo in general. Rym challenges you to set up MRTG, and we talk at length about Scott's newfound love of reality television thanks to Strip Search and Kitchen Nightmares.

When your Meat Dies

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider what happens (and should happen) to your bits (i.e., your emails, tweets, hard drive, and collected digital output of a human lifespan), when your meat stops working (i.e., you die). Law, society, human drama, and fear make it a much more complicated issue than you might realize. Do the dead have rights? Should they?

In the news, the Toolbar is malware, Ninite is the closest thing to a Windows repo you'll ever find, and Google Authenticator just implements TOTP, which you can totally use for two-factor authentication in anything. Also, Adobe updated their software suite to be subscription only (and this is a good thing).

High Bandwidth Content Distribution

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider how video (and other high bandwidth one-way content) is distributed on the Internet, including a brief history of satellite television in North America and how its unresolved issues remain to this day. In the news, FOX threatens to go cable-only if Aereo isn't shut down, different levels of shady are occurring with ISPs and HTML content, and France doesn't understand the Streisand Effect. Rym enjoyed a bomb scare outside his office, Amazon amazingly mis-delivered a package, wallets seem to be the hot thing to Kickstart, and Lawdingo seems like an interesting way to find a lawyer.

Everyday Technology

Tonight on GeekNights, after considering surprise evictions of illegal apartments, pit traps, punji sticks, esoteric specialist problems with pypy, and the things they don't teach you at RIT, we consider the technology we use every day. From cameras to GeekNights' audio studio, cell phones to other cell phones! Everything!

Augmented Reality

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the recent opening of applications for early access to Google Glass (nevermind forum discussions), we discuss the promise of Augmented Reality. But first, we discuss non-standard uses of naan (get it?), New York groceries, the rise and fall of SuperDaE, and a surprising "solution" to the problem of poor Youtube performance. Also, the GeekNights Gaming Grande Prix is still accepting applications!

Network Sniffing and Programmers

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about network sniffing and programming. But first, rural landlines are dropping calls, but not for the reasons you might expect. iTunes 11 came out, to the usual fanfare and undeserved anger. CDs are old. MagFest is coming (we'll be there presenting)! Our CS:GO server is live. Enforce.

Conrad Kreyling

Tonight on GeekNights we are happy to have our good friend and Internet celebrity Conrad Kreyling (@konistehrad) as our guest! You may know him from our PAX Dev panel, or perhaps from Johnny Wander. He's an all around awesome dude who also happens to work at Muse Games (who you may know from the recent hit Guns of Icarus: Online).

We talk about how he became an awesome geek and exceptional coder (he's RIT alum: we've known him since he cosplayed as safety barrels cosplaying as Naruto). We hit on Guns of Icarus, MOBAs, video cards, fighting games, Wreck-It Ralph, Looper, James Bond, Tycho's Prostate Rap from PAX East 2011, and Chamisou Original.

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