Manned Space Exploration can Wait

Tonight on GeekNights, after being distracted by a bright light, we discuss our opinion on the current state of manned space exploration. In the news, HDCP is broken, and Captcha Ads are definitely on the horizon.

Vanilla Forums with Mark O'Sullivan

Tonight on GeekNights, we have Mark O'Sullivan as our guest on the show to discuss the Vanilla forum software you all know and love. In the news, AMD retires the ATI brand, and ageism seems to rear its ugly head in technology jobs (but against who?).

Zealotry in the Tech World

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the zealots of the tech world. We also discuss the sad failure of law to keep up with a world where technology has enabled many hobbies to also generate trivial revenue (as evidenced by one poor blogger) and the possible coming of peak helium.

We also happily announce that the musical act for the Friday PAX Late Show is...


Google Buzz and Privacy

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss privacy on social networks, mostly as a result of the uproar over Google Buzz. In the news, Windows Mobile 7 is on its way.

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