The WPA2 Vulnerability

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider how WPA is Effed in the A with the KRACK attack. In the news, there is ANOTHER crypto flaw that also broke today affecting Estonian cryptographic IDs. In actual science news, the world of astronomy is forever changed, entering a new era of discovery thanks to gravitational waves.

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We released both our PAX West 2017 panel - The Rage of the Quitter - and our first new episode of Judge Anime By Its Cover on youtube! Notice it's two channels: Rym and Scott.

Nuclear Weapons

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the recent (likely boosted fission) nuclear test by North Korea, we talk about the mechanics, science, and engineering around nuclear weapons. In the news, there are solid rumors of a small iPhone 6c or 7c, the loss of TRS jacks from the iPhone 7 seems all but certain, and your Nvidia video card is keeping your incognito tabs around.

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When Services Die

When services disappear, they often disrupt. Tonight on GeekNights, we consider dead, dying, end-of-life, deprecated, and dilapidated services in light of Google blocking access to their unsupported auto-complete API and Nintendo dropping their Nintendo TVii service (if anyone even knew it existed). Windows 10 day is tomorrow (we're upgrading all of our devices). You should buy an SSD if you don't already run the OS on one, upgrade, then use the new install media to re-install on the SSD. Trust us. Windows 10 Home will force Windows Updates. This is a good thing. Oleogustus joins sweet, savory, sour, bitter, and umami as a fundamental tongue taste. Pentaquarks were observed in LHC experiments. Some people are failure canaries.

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Adam Becker - The Freelance Astrophysicist

Tonight on GeekNights, thanks to @konistehrad, we have Adam Becker, the Freelance Astrophysicist, as our guest. We talk a lot about science! Along the way, we hit on the differences between a Computational Cosmologist (which Adam is) and other disciplines, consider the true implications of general relativity at the macro scale, ask "where all the lumpy" came from, consider the perfect pencil, question the Standard Model, wonder about "astro" versus "quantum," and finally get into how one gets into a field like this.

Model Rocketry

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk a bit about model rocketry and its merits as a teaching tool. In the news, Thunderbolt takes flight, and Craigslist is a den of iniquity (according to people who have a vested interest in it failing).

You might also want to go vote (for Rainbow Dash).

Science Education

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss with our resident scientist Peter Olsen many aspects of science education. In the news, Facebook's new stalker feature is nothing scary compared to real threats like Firesheep, and Google is suing the US Government for unfair bid practices favoring Microsoft.

Manned Space Exploration can Wait

Tonight on GeekNights, after being distracted by a bright light, we discuss our opinion on the current state of manned space exploration. In the news, HDCP is broken, and Captcha Ads are definitely on the horizon.

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