Burning Con 2013

Tonight on GeekNights, we tell you a little about Burning Con 2013: The Pentaclagon! We also have some photos from the con, including the Burning Photobooth! In the news, don't buy Castellan, and don't buy Dungeon Roll.

Also, be sure to check out the newly updated GeekNights Forum! It's an Ivory Tower that proves many of our points. Also check out our continuing series: GeekNights Presents Utena! It just updated!

Burning Con 2012

Tonight on GeekNights, dateline November 1st, 2012, we bring our our coverage of Burning Con 2012: The TRIADUMVIRATE. Of course, we have more, ranging from hurricanes to hats, Chess (particularly Bobby Fischer's alternate rules) to Hearts. We remember Danish role playing games and sing further praises of Characteristics of Games.

In more newsworthy pursuits, we pursue Natural Selection 2 and Guns of Icarus Online (which I hear has boarding). It's a good time for PC gaming, that's for sure!

Luke Crane on the Mouse Guard RPG

Tonight on GeekNights, we have as our guest Luke Crane, designer of the wonderful Mouse Guard tabletop role playing game. We discuss what Mouse Guard is, where it came from, and what makes it unique. We actually had Luke on the show a while ago to talk more generally about role playing games, so check that out while you're here!

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