Nidhogg is a fantastic, simple, two-player orthogame that exemplifies the "genre" so well defined by games such as Pong, Spacewar, and Outlaw! Local multiplayer and simple direct competition are seeing a renaissance that will only continue throughout 2014. In other annual news, Nintendo is suffering heavily from the Fiscal Year of Luigi (and their corporate culture that creates excellent hardware that almost no games actually use), and Torchbearer works wonderfully via Google Hangout. In personal news, we've all but stopped playing games that require teaching others, and encourage tabletop gamers everywhere to actually read the rules to games.

Space Dandy

Tonight on GeekNights, we preview Space☆Dandy, the most recent anime to "save anime" after Kill La Kill. Space Dandy is a dandy in space. It might be set in the Cowboy Bebop universe, or at least one that has superficial similarities. It's... difficult to express what this show is. You really should just watch it. In the news, Sailor Moon's anime reboot (based more closely on the manga) is tentatively to air in July 2014. Booth babes don't work. Also, be sure to submit panels to ConnectiCon 2014!

Silver Spoon

Tonight on GeekNights, we have a review of Silver Spoon. It's an eminently pleasant anime that lives up almost exactly to our pre-viewing "review" at Anime Boston earlier this year. But first, Rym recounts the horrible food poisoning he got from Hunter Mountain, we talk a bit about the Anime News Nina kickstarter, and remind you that the My Little Pony comics are pretty great.

We also have the video from our PAX Aus 2013 panel - Beyond Dungeons & Dragons, and we are officially appearing on THREE panels at MAGFest.

Rumiko Takahashi Anthology

Tonight on GeekNights, in honor of the DVD mystery boxes that everyone seems to have ordered, we review the first episode of the first DVD of the Rumiko Takahashi Anthology (aka Rumic Theater): The Tragedy of P. In the news, PictureBox is shutting down, and Neverland is bankrupt. The GeekNights Official CounterStrike server is starting to rock again, as is the GeekNights Official IRC during the shaker classic.

The Wind Rises and Yowamushi Pedal

Tonight on GeekNights, we give brief reviews of two anime: Yowamushi Pedal (a TV show) and The Wind Rises (Miyazaki's last movie). The latter is a fictional account of the personal life of the very real Horikoshi Jiro, who designed the very real fighters used by Imperial Japan in World War 2. In the news, keep an eye on the creeping tentacles that are Cardfight: Vanguard, and Miyazaki has given up on movies, but not on manga!

Take the X Train

Tonight on GeekNights, in celebration of Halloween, we review the... odd... Take the X Train that came out of Rintaro's 1987 brain. In the news, Ayumi Hamasaki sings for Buddha 2, and Anime News Nina is ending its run. Stay tuned for BIG CHANGES to the GeekNights/Front Row Crew Forum, and PAX is sold out.

Neuroshima Hex!

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the best game to play while pooping: Neuroshima Hex! In the news, PS4 owners lose backward compatibility with headsets, and Yoshi's Cookie is being removed from the virtual console.

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