Gravity Falls

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the delightful Gravity Falls. But first, Scott is buying an new pillow, I want you all to contribute to #ikuharaWorld, we're not bothering with the New York Comic Con this year, the Madoka Magica movie did indeed make it to the United States, and we discuss Pitch inflation. Also, in the spirit of Halloween, prepare yourself for the visage of Frankenstein's Monster, aka a hockey goalie in the days before facemasks.

The GeekNights IRC channel is rocking! Also, we need to know if you want us to do one or more of: An episode-by-episode analysis of Shoujo Kakumei Utena, OR, Scott muckspreading. Finally: Ultra Relax!


Tonight on GeekNights, as our triumphant return to business as usual, we review the fantastic FTL. We also review Organ Trail: Director's Cut and Ten Thousand, as well as the masterful book Characteristics of Games. Look for us at Burning Con '12: The TRIADUMVIRATE, but not at the New York Comic Con (where nothing looked interesting enough to apply for press passes this year). Be sure to check out our new GeekNights IRC channel (and check out this delightful little web page about IRC).

CounterStrike GO First Thoughts

Tonight on GeekNights, we prepare for PAX Prime and PAX Dev, but not before playing copious amounts of CounterStrike: Global Offensive now that it's live. You may recall a very old show we did about CounterStrike, and CS:GO has done nothing but rekindle that flame. In the news, Nintendo Power has run its course, as has the ill-fated OnLive.

The Ranks of the Black Order

Tonight on GeekNights we review another comic lent to us by Timo with The Ranks of the Black Order (Les Phalanges de l'Ordre Noir), a brutally honest and compelling tale echoing the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. In the news, the MOCCA is being subsumed by the Society of Illustrators. Expect a dearth of shows in the nearing future between PAX Prime/PAX Dev, a great deal of personal travel, and CounterStrike: GO.

1Q84: Book Club Review

Tonight on the GeekNights Book Club, we bring you our thoughts on Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. It's the book club, so we'll assume you've read the book. If not, then this won't make a whole lot of sense (though this bingo card might give you a hint of what happens). But before that, briefly, we consider Facebook's continued failure as an IPO, chained as it is to the sinking boulder of Zynga, Google's Fiber initiative in Kansas City, and announce that the next book in the GeekNights Book Club will be The Man Who Was Thursday.


Tonight on GeekNights, we review The Incal in all its craziness (though we avoid any spoilers, as you really just have to read this thing to understand it). We've returned from ConnectiCon 2012, which was dangerously successful, only to find that there is a new Sailor Moon anime in the works, and Naoki Urasawa is an awesome convention guest!

Pokemon Conquest

Tonight on GeekNights, we fully review Pokemon Conquest: aka Nobunga's Poke-ambition (or Nobunaga's, if you can spell). It's an OK poke-battling game, but falls short in every other area. We also consider the ramifications of Stream Greenlight, and make predictions as to the eventual failure and disappointment from the somewhat ludicrous OUYA game console kickstarter. Back-of-the-curve hardware coupled with an app-store business model does not a console make.

Also, ConnectiCon 2012 is this weekend, and there's a hugely full schedule of events. We're also happy to be able to announce our lecture at PAX Prime 2012: Short Subjects in Gaming. We'll be covering rhythm games, skill games, and ethics in games, among other things, in a format similar to our previous Triple Threat (which featured MMORPGs, Game Communities, and Dudebro).

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