GeekNights in Australia part 2

Tonight on GeekNights, as we prepare for PAX Prime (where we'll be presenting Bad Games), we finish the tales of our trip to Australia for PAX AUS (where we presented Beyond Dungeons & Dragons). Scott broke his arm, we saw some jazz in Fitzroy, Ned Kelly was possibly the first weeaboo, and we hit up some game stores. Before that, Elder Scrolls Online costs money AND has microtransactions, and the Nuremburg Trials brought about the first use of extempore simultaneous interpretation.

GeekNights in Australia part 1

Tonight on GeekNights, we start to tell tales of our time in Australia, speficially Melbourne and Phillip Island. From immigrant issues to meat pies, Myki cards, THE EDGE (and BASE jumping, Asian food, minimum wage, and more! We saw little penguins and furry balls in trees, nevermind a HUGE footy game. Stay tuned for part 2.

PAX Australia 2013

Tonight on GeekNights, we return triumphant from PAX Australia to talk about... PAX Australia! PC gaming and anime are big there, and it was in all senses a proper PAX. It was, however, in a BIG TOP. In the news, Steam Summer Sale aside, there is talk of collusion in fight game tournaments and things aren't looking so great for Nintendo as the Wii continues to outsell the Wii-U, and they're making a lot of their money from Candy Box games. Maybe they should just break the glass and make the Pokemon MMO.

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