PAX East 2011 and Spot It

Tonight on GeekNights, back from both PAX and Zenkaikon, we bring you our review of the surprisingly entertaining Spot It and highlights from PAX East 2011. We also have some thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS, having now finally manhandled one (though not, as it were, at PAX).

The PAX Boston 2011 Pregame Show

Tonight on GeekNights we pregame PAX Boston 2011. We'll be there with three panels and a few tricks up our sleeves! Also, Rym is conflicted about Europa Universalis III, and Scott has harsh words for Stephen Totilo after his recent article Why I Let Nintendo Beat A Video Game For Me.

For more PAX East tips, check out our PAX East Survival Guide from last year: it's still a nicely accurate guide.

PAX Prime 2010 - The Con

Tonight on GeekNights, we conclude our coverage of PAX Prime 2010 with our coverage of PAX Prime 2010! In the brief news, how much did Mario really sell? Also, the author of the Anarchist's Cookbook is sorry.

PAX Prime 2010 - The Games

Tonight, in part one of our PAX Prime 2010 coverage, we discuss the games of PAX, including Bohnanza, Duke Nukem Forever, Power Boats, Modern Art, Monaco, We Didn't Playtest This at All, Jam City Rollergirls, Freemarket, Push Fight, Jungle Speed, Dominion, Catacombs, and the rest! Further coverage to come!

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