PAX Australia 2013

Tonight on GeekNights, we return triumphant from PAX Australia to talk about... PAX Australia! PC gaming and anime are big there, and it was in all senses a proper PAX. It was, however, in a BIG TOP. In the news, Steam Summer Sale aside, there is talk of collusion in fight game tournaments and things aren't looking so great for Nintendo as the Wii continues to outsell the Wii-U, and they're making a lot of their money from Candy Box games. Maybe they should just break the glass and make the Pokemon MMO.

Ground Floor and some PAX

Tonight on GeekNights, we triumphantly return from PAX East 2013! Or, at least one of us does. Rym was laid low with a serious flu post-PAX from which he is still recovering, and you'll hear his various coughing fits reconstructed for you in glorious mp3 form! We talk a bit about Shovel Knight, Ducktales Remastered, Scott's enjoyment of X-Com now that he's playing it, PAX East, and our extremely disheartening experience with Ground Floor. It feels like it should be a good game, but nonintuitive mechanics in key areas obfuscate its surprisingly light core, and more importantly, it takes far to long to play for what it is.

PAX Prime 2012 and the LoL Championships

Tonight on GeekNights, we share some of our thoughts on PAX Prime and PAX Dev 2012, descending rapidly into a ridiculous argument over the League of Legends tournament present therein the former. In the news, Valve's Greenlight gets a fee and its first ten titles, and World of Warcraft has been secretly watermarking your screenshots.

PAX East 2012 and Mafia-likes

Tonight on GeekNights, we return at the turn of the tide, having recovered from PAX, hopefully in time for PAX! We bring you some initial coverage of PAX East 2012, and then consider Werewolf, or Mafia, or Beantown: whatever you call it, we present the Mafia-likes.

PAX East 2012 and Angry Birds Space

Tonight on GeekNights, we present our succinct review of Angry Birds Space, but not before outlining everything we've got lined up for PAX East 2012! In the news, Scott GeekBites Tabletop and the King's Gambit may finally be (mostly) solved.

PAX Prime 2011

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you our coverage of PAX Prime 2011! We only discuss the things that made this particular PAX unique, so if you thirst for more general coverage of the things that tend not to change much from year to year, don't forget our previous shows on PAX Prime 2008 (part 1, part 2, part 3) PAX Prime 2009, PAX Prime 2010 (the con and the games), PAX East 2010, and PAX East 2011!

In the news, someone did something old in an uninspired way (but with a Kinect!) and Rock of Ages comes to Steam tonight! Also, don't forget the GeekNights Worst Webcomic Contest!

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