Tech News Roundup: Spring 2018

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you a tech news roundup for spring 2018! Coin miners are still preventing you from buying a GPU, unauthorized clients were pirating Spotify premium features, multiple LTE vulnerabilities have been announced, Youtube enables live captions, some interesting things are happening with Twitch subscriptions, Twitter's (completely justified) bot purge outraged the far right, Rhode Island wants to charge state citizens for free speech, some ridiculous drama occurred around TLS certificate security, desktop sales continue to fall, and Flash is rapidly coming to an end.

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Anime News Roundup Summer 2017

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about a BUNCH of anime and manga news. Revolutionary Girl Utena is getting a new manga chapter, we are restarting GeekNights Presents Utena in July, Otaku culture in Japan is evolving, both Pluto and Patlabor are getting new anime, PikotarĊ (of PPAP fame) is getting an anime, Anime Expo is bumming around for free translator labor, The Project A-Ko sequels are licensed yet again, Irresponsible Captain Tylor is getting a new anime series (and there are legitimate worries about its quality), and Kemono Friends is going nuts.

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Gaming News Roundup - March 2016

Tonight on GeekNights, we cover a wide variety of gaming news. Xbox games will have cross-platform play with the PS4, Blizzard has patched Diablo II and Warcraft 3. All the legal positions of Go were calculated a few months ago, and now AI is playing better than the best humans. Twitch is courting game developers to integrate more tightly with streaming, and also launches a cooking stream. Playstation VR expands the consumer VR space.

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Last Week Tonight and the Daily Show

Tonight on GeekNights, with Emily replacing Scott, we talk about The Daily Show (which Rym has watched for a decade longer than Emily has) and Last Week Tonight. In the news, we talk about the ridiculous and tragic situation in Ferguson and what happens when you give small town police departments in racially tense regions paramilitary hardware and little oversight. Also, change.

Console Gaming in 2013

Tonight on GeekNights, with all the news about Xbox1 and Playstation 4, we talk about the used games, DRM, and other assorted topics that have come up in relation.

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