How we got into it

Tonight on GeekNights, rather than the old thing of how to get into it, we talk about the new thing: how we got into it. Specifically, the origins of our anime, manga, comic, and convention geekeries. But first, Wakfu is a thing, and the Black Jack OAV is getting a final, eleventh volume.

Wednesday Bundle

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss a bundle of anime, manga, and comics, including All Hail Megatron, 20th Century Boys, K-On, and some more. In the news, there is a strange confluence of nouns regarding the possibly coming Ninja Scroll movie, and Scott GeekBites A Drifting Life.

Political Manga

Tonight on GeekNights we make our contribution to politics in comics month with an episode about political manga. We mostly discuss First President of Japan, Sanctuary, and Eagle. In the news, we are probably finally going to rock Anime Boston '09, and Studio Ghibli's DS game is off the hook.

The Four Immigrants Manga

Tonight on GeekNights, we review The Four Immigrants Manga. In the news, Moonlight Mile/Sherpa Sex is finally coming out on DVD. Also, Scott GeekBites Galaxy Express 999 tv.

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