The Games of MAGFest 2014

Tonight on GeekNights, back and bad, we talk about the games we played at MAGFest this year (where we appeared on four panels). Dig Dug, Hansa Teutonica (fun, deep), Coup (meh), Ginkopolis (getting a full show), Citadels (smart people ruin this game), Cheaty Mages! (light and fun), Jungle Speed Safari (sucks), Glory to Rome, and Eclipse with expansions (alliances ruin Eclipse: never use them).

In the news, Greg Martin - who you probably know from his work but not his name - has passed away. Also, The Stanley Parable is a wonderful idiogame (or "entertainment software" or "an interactive amusement" or whatever kind of "game" you want to call it). We further answer a listener question about political or direct-attacking games.

MAGFest 11 and Three Board Games

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you our coverage of MAGFest 11, along with impressions of three board games: The Castles of Burgundy (buy it), Core Worlds (skip it), and VivaJava (worth a second look). Along the way, we complain about the only thing worth complaining about at MAGFest (the ridiculous wristbands), recall our epic joint victory over the Petian and Philippian alliance in Eclipse, remember the fantastic dance party DJ'd by none other than Yuzo Koshiro (Actraiser, Streets of Rage), and wonder if Team Stompadon will continue their meteoric rise in the Super Art Fight circuit.

We'll have video from this year up soon, but check out last year's MAGFest:


Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you our coverage of MAGFest X! Of course, as much as has changed, much has stayed the same, so be sure to check out our coverage of MAGFest 9 too. But first, in the news, CES brings us an interesting device - the Boxee Box Live TV dongle - that doesn't appear to have a market, and the coming battles over "smart TVs" will go predictably nowhere. Also, Kim Jong-il is set to be Lenined.

MAGFest 9

Tonight on GeekNights, returning from our brief absence, we bring you our coverage of MAGFest 9! The audio is a bit different than usual, on account of us videoing the whole thing for later release. But, with this, GeekNights returns more or less to its regular schedule!

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