Concerns of the Bathroom

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the concerns of the bathroom. I'm not even joking. In the news, Made is coming (finally) before Big Bang joins the army, United is going to charge coach flyers for using the overhead bin, and we'll be live at PAX South on Friday!

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Luggage is the topic of GeekNights tonight, since we apparently already did an episode on hats back in 2012. In the news, there was a great disturbance in the Net, as if millions of shitheads cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. (Reddit has banned several egregious subreddits). Lancaster shows us the same behavior that makes these people so terrible. Apparently GeekNights has a subreddit. Pizza hut did a good thing. Come to ConnectiCon. See panels and workshops! See screenings!

Robert's Rules of Order

Tonight on GeekNights, after Rym's return from the midwest, we consider Robert's Rules of Order. If you need to halt organizational drama or impress grognards, this is your go-to resource. We also hit up on some Hearts, an Edward Hopper exhibit, former slave states reminding us why we should have let them go, and SCOTUS ruling on a variety of things. Rym also announces that the next GeekNights Book Club book will be Stasiland.


Tonight on the GeekNights Lounge, we discuss camping. Several people we know have never been properly camping. Fires, hobo meals, pooping in the woods: it's all here! We also ridicule the remaining self-described anarchists who pull crap like this every May Day.


Tonight on GeekNights, thanks to a listener suggestion, we discuss... parking. In the "lounge," Rym updated his Flickr with stuff, was peed on by an elderly gentleman, witnessed a water cup getting put in its god damned place, and lamented the folly of youth. Scott didn't want to do a new show on taxes, nor did he want to do one on defecation.

Real Haunted Houses

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider what it would take to make a haunted house to actually cause a fear response in the likes of us, while Rym recalls his experiences at The Terror on Church Street. But before that, Rym survived Brazil (a.k.a. New York State income tax), The GoPro3 Black exists, and we debate the ramifications of arresting people who attempt, but fail at, terrorism.


Tonight on GeekNights, as somewhat of a crab people episode, we present the fascinating topic of tickets (in light of PAX Prime 2012 selling out in record time). Scott GeekBites Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress (recall our interview with Tarn Adams, creator of said Drf Frtrss) and Rym GeekBites Venture Brothers. Rym made a pony video mashup with The Powerpuff Girls (but didn't make it his "Thing of the Day") and Scott has some video of his Summer Streets ride set to the best song in the world. We also, entirely driven by fancy, narrate a Youtube video about a cat).

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