Government Hackers

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of many interesting revelations about Stuxnet and Flame, including having been signed by quasi-legitimate Microsoft certificates and being well beyond commodity security software vendors' capabilities, we consider government hackers and the future of this sort of "cyber" warfar (though there is actually quite a past as well). But first, a couple of extra satellites the US Government happened to have lying around, ICANN's ludicrous digital archery, the coming disaster of arbitrary TLDs like .lol, and Google having won the case that APIs are not copyrightable.

Web Vulnerabilities

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk a bit about web vulnerabilities (like injection attacks and cross site scripting). But first, Rym and Scott had some fun with the Five Boro Bike Tour, Google has possibly partially lost the Oracle/Java fiasco of a trial, Verizon is planning to offer 911 texts (about a decade too late), and Religion is more dangerous than Porn.

Filtering Content

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about content filtering, but not before a great discussion on OSX Gatekeeper and all of its ramifications (including our bet that Apple will drop the opt-out option within three years and stop selling Macs entirely within five), a good discussion of how we'll be first in line to gargoyle it up with some Google Goggles and a surprisingly long discussion of the Star Wars watching order debate (see The Machete Order).

Do Not Track, Ads, and the Free Internet

Apparently forgetting Adblock, host-file ad blocking, DVR 30-second skip buttons, mute buttons, VCRs, remote controls, and the queer idea of getting up to make a sandwich, various people are predicting the end of the "free" ad-supported Internet, this time from people honoring "do not track" instructions. Also, some teachers in Ontario are afraid of Wifi, MIT launches a fully automated online course in electronics, and the EU dabbles yet again with the disastrous idea of a "right to be forgotten."

Circumventing SOPA

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the possibility of the passage of SOPA, which, while not nearly so odious as the CBDTPA, makes the DMCA look scarily reasonable by comparison, we consider the various means of routing around this sort of damage to the Internet. From Elephant DNS to Waste to private Trust Networks

In the news, Best Buy has discounted Apple hardware and Amazon Wireless has one-cent smartphones. We also talk some shop about our recent playing of Shogun.

Amazon Web Services

Tonight on GeekNights, as it's a big part of Scott's job, we talk about the Amazon Web Services in a general sense. In the news, Anonymous targets child pron sites (closer to Scott's suggestions for impressive hacks), and Ice Cream Sandwich cometh alongside the Galaxy Nexus. Rym is also disappearing for Japan for some weeks, but this should not interrupt your regularly scheduled GeekNights.

Databases of Facts

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk a but about the problems the maintainers of databases (such as the lawsuit against the time zone database) of fact can face, despite their importance to society and the Internet as a whole. We take more than a moment to mourn the passing of Quickster, and wonder at the future of Google DART, We also have the answer to what "St Oui" was all about.

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