How to Not Suck at College part 1

Tonight on GeekNights, we begin a long series on how to not suck at college, beginning with your waning high school days. In the news, we have college textbooks and HOAs.

How to Not Suck at YouTube

Tonight on GeekNights: How to Not Suck at making YouTube videos. Also, Scott GeekBites the Thrawn Trilogy, and Rym talks about the Copyright Clusterfuck

How to Not Suck at Slacking Off

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss the finer points of slacking off. In the news, vote-swapping is legal, and the US tax system is a little annoying.

How to Not Suck at Talking

Tonight on GeekNights, we begin what will likely be a many-part discussion on public speaking. In the news, we look at the silliness of the latest "miracle" and Microsoft's misplaced priorities.

How to not suck at life

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider how to not suck in ackward, dangerous, or otherwise odd situations. In the news, IBM outsources high-level jobs to India and a Senate committee has put forward the Children and Media Research Advancement Act.

How to not suck at not being a fanboy

Tonight on GeekNights, we cover how to not be a fanboy. In the news, Michael Dell talks about Dell's Linux offerings, Otakon is almost sold out of hotel rooms, and Anime Boston's Artist's Alley sold out within 5 minutes of opening.

How to not suck at gaming

Tonight on GeekNights, following this week's theme of "how to not suck," we consider gaming. In the news, Walmart hires bloggers to shill, and a pedophile recruits via CounterStrike.

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