The Games of MAGFest 2014

Tonight on GeekNights, back and bad, we talk about the games we played at MAGFest this year (where we appeared on four panels). Dig Dug, Hansa Teutonica (fun, deep), Coup (meh), Ginkopolis (getting a full show), Citadels (smart people ruin this game), Cheaty Mages! (light and fun), Jungle Speed Safari (sucks), Glory to Rome, and Eclipse with expansions (alliances ruin Eclipse: never use them).

In the news, Greg Martin - who you probably know from his work but not his name - has passed away. Also, The Stanley Parable is a wonderful idiogame (or "entertainment software" or "an interactive amusement" or whatever kind of "game" you want to call it). We further answer a listener question about political or direct-attacking games.

Burning Con 2013

Tonight on GeekNights, we tell you a little about Burning Con 2013: The Pentaclagon! We also have some photos from the con, including the Burning Photobooth! In the news, don't buy Castellan, and don't buy Dungeon Roll.

Also, be sure to check out the newly updated GeekNights Forum! It's an Ivory Tower that proves many of our points. Also check out our continuing series: GeekNights Presents Utena! It just updated!

MoCCA Fest 2013

Tonight on GeekNights, we relate our experience at MoCCa Art Fest 2013. We bought less than usual, there were some changes now that it's under the umbrella of the Society of Illustrators, but it was mostly the same old MoCCa we know and love. In the news, the Internet Rage Machine saw a full and complete cycle around the Saga #12 "banning" from the Apple app store, which raises the related question of why Apple treats apps as second class citizens (to movies and books) when it comes to free speech, curation, and censorship. Rym and Emily saw Up On Poppy Hill - Goro Miyazaki's latest movie - and it is frankly excellent. Also, itchy beards.

From MoCCa, check out Pencil Pup, Nurse Nurse, Bunny Mom, Strong Female Protagonist, Khutulun the Wrestler Princess, and some Lemongrab. From GeekNights, check out GeekNights Presents Utena!

Ground Floor and some PAX

Tonight on GeekNights, we triumphantly return from PAX East 2013! Or, at least one of us does. Rym was laid low with a serious flu post-PAX from which he is still recovering, and you'll hear his various coughing fits reconstructed for you in glorious mp3 form! We talk a bit about Shovel Knight, Ducktales Remastered, Scott's enjoyment of X-Com now that he's playing it, PAX East, and our extremely disheartening experience with Ground Floor. It feels like it should be a good game, but nonintuitive mechanics in key areas obfuscate its surprisingly light core, and more importantly, it takes far to long to play for what it is.

MAGFest 11 and Three Board Games

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you our coverage of MAGFest 11, along with impressions of three board games: The Castles of Burgundy (buy it), Core Worlds (skip it), and VivaJava (worth a second look). Along the way, we complain about the only thing worth complaining about at MAGFest (the ridiculous wristbands), recall our epic joint victory over the Petian and Philippian alliance in Eclipse, remember the fantastic dance party DJ'd by none other than Yuzo Koshiro (Actraiser, Streets of Rage), and wonder if Team Stompadon will continue their meteoric rise in the Super Art Fight circuit.

We'll have video from this year up soon, but check out last year's MAGFest:

Burning Con 2012

Tonight on GeekNights, dateline November 1st, 2012, we bring our our coverage of Burning Con 2012: The TRIADUMVIRATE. Of course, we have more, ranging from hurricanes to hats, Chess (particularly Bobby Fischer's alternate rules) to Hearts. We remember Danish role playing games and sing further praises of Characteristics of Games.

In more newsworthy pursuits, we pursue Natural Selection 2 and Guns of Icarus Online (which I hear has boarding). It's a good time for PC gaming, that's for sure!

PAX Prime 2012 and the LoL Championships

Tonight on GeekNights, we share some of our thoughts on PAX Prime and PAX Dev 2012, descending rapidly into a ridiculous argument over the League of Legends tournament present therein the former. In the news, Valve's Greenlight gets a fee and its first ten titles, and World of Warcraft has been secretly watermarking your screenshots.

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