Hardware Lockdown and Secure Boot

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider all of the awful concerns around UEFI's SecureBoot, which is bad, but not as bad as the evils of the past, as well as Cisco's dubious command and control firmware updates and problems stemming from the leap second that gave us a long weekend. Google Plus also now has developer-facing functionality that is ripe for some low-hanging-fruit execution of ideas! Rym, after a week without a smartphone, is finally back in the cyber fold. ConnectiCon 2012 is coming NEXT WEEKEND, and you should be there if you live within a few hours drive of Hartford!

Laptops in 2012

Tonight on GeekNights, since we haven't addressed the topic in quite some time, we consider the state of laptops (as Rym moves toward upgrading his fairly old Lifebook). But first, we consider what "retina" really means in display technology and glucose-powered fuel cells.

The Age Old Problem

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss one of the most ancient and vexxing problems in software, technology, and progress: the principled stubbornness without an underlying functional argument. AKA, why this guy should have added a semicolon. In the news, Intel unveils Ivy Bridge, and some billionaires and to mine an asteroid. In more local news, we'll be at Connecticon (and so be should you), Zenkaikon, MoCCA Fest, PAX Prime, and maybe Otakon!

Network Mounted Storage

Tonight on GeekNights, without getting into any deep technical, boring detail, we talk about network mounted filesystems and the like (SMB, CIFS, NFS, DRBD, etc...). In the news, Rym is back from India and is still tired of the TSA and its attempt to suppress further information showing how useless it is, New York's data are increasingly openly available, and California looks to legalize automated cars following Nevada's progress.

Walled Gardens

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk not about Allhambra but the so-called "walled gardens" of technology. In the news, the Zetas' private communications network was taken out and the Mozilla/Google deal might be in trouble.

Be sure to check out our many lectures and other videos from PAX East 2011 and Pax Prime 2012 on the Youtube channel. We will be at Nerd Nite this Thursday presenting an abbreviated version of "Losing Should be Fun," nevermind MAGFest!


Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the humble HTPC (Home Theater PC). When in doubt, use this case and this PSU. In the news, Google buys Motorola Mobility at a premium, and Western governments are panicking about cell phones, messaging, and flash mobs.


Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about Git: the fast version control system. First, Scott discovers the sadness of attempting to develop iOS Applications on our poor old Mac Mini (Core Solo), Rym built his HTPC, and GeekNights has a fancy new Facebook page. In the news, commodity face recognition, data mining, and data aggregation will do exactly what we expected and can, among other things, reveal your SSN. Adobe releases a preview of Edge.

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