MoCCA Festival 2011

Tonight on GeekNights, with Emily as our guest host, we talk about all of the art and comics we found at the MoCCA Festival this year. But first, there being little news in this arena, "purified" illegal manga torrents, the Flash, and the 4kids bankruptcy.

We'll post a list of the comics in the forum later on.

Digital Comic Distribution

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the more interesting bits around the dissemination and consumption of comics in digital form (after arguing about the old men running Broadway). Scott geekbites Peepo Choo, and Rym rambles about the Riverside Trek Fest failing.

The Sword

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the Luna Brothers' The Sword. In the news, the are continuing shakeups at DC, and Redline is premiering in Japanese theaters early next month!

Final Thoughts: Scott Pilgrim

Tonight on GeekNights, we present our final thoughts on Scott Pilgrim, the comic, in advance of Scott Pilgrim, the Movie, and Scott Pilgrim, the game. In the news, Scott is an old man, and Superman saved everybody (or something like that).

Some Comics We Got at the MoCCA

Tonight on GeekNights we review a bunch of the comics we got at the MoCCA Festival, and go on many tangents. In the news, Bang Zoom to cease dubbing and Garo at The Center For Book Arts.

Comics we discuss include:

  • Crazy Lady by Chris Brown
  • Hush by Mara Sternberg
  • The Art of Becky Dreistadt (Tiny Kitten Teeth)
  • Shapes: The New Brethren by McQuade/Sallese
  • Kattan the Spider by Aya Rothwell
  • Hero's Journey by Becky Laff
  • Mirror Mind -

MoCCA Festival 2010

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the happenings at the 2010 MoCCA Festival. In the news, Akino Kondoh will speak in New York.

Oh Shit, It's Wolverine!

Tonight on GeekNights, watch out for Wolverine. In the news Japanese game developers and animators make no money. Also, listener Chase Gordon is the awesome.

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