Tech News Roundup

Tonight is a total GeekNights cop-out. We couldn't come up with a great sci-tech topic so we just went over a bunch of news stories such as Voltron, illegal law, IE vulnerability, campaign finance blogs, WoW credit card, Japanese tech law, and Sony.

The Livingroom Computer

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss using computers in the living room: TV-Out, PVRs, KnopMyth, video cards, physical considerations, and so forth. In the news, the Mars Rover loses a wheel, adds private bookmarks, and Microsoft may release an everything-killer.

Favourite Hardware

Tonight on GeekNights, as part of favourites week, we'll be discussing our favourite hardware. In the news, we hit on the Ubuntu vulnerability, Itunes trouble in France, and Starforce being evil.

How to not suck at Podcasting

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the basic components of not sucking at podcasting with our special guest, Nuri. In the news, Mozilla makes money and OpenAIM isn't as good as it appears to be.


Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss Listal: the site that lets you list all your stuff. In the news, litigation against the Diebold whistleblower and Origami.

Tech News Roundup

Tonight, on GeekNights, we do a roundup of recent tech news, including pod fading, propaganda, slurping, 10 reasons (not) to buy Vista, Feed Tree, and podcasting for money. Also, Rym has returned from Katsucon, and you can expect his full con report Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Just talkin'

Tonight on GeekNights, we wander around various topics and basically cop out on the episode with a bunch of meta bits. The news bits are fairly long, however, covering the latest DRM badness and trademark issues with the Red Cross.

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