RSS and Google Reader

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of Google Reader's death, we discuss why we've been saying for years that RSS is, at best, dying a slow death. We further discuss whether or not it's best to call the police on an agitated, aggressive homeless man, or to let him remain agitated and aggressive on his own. In the news, CISPA's passing the house gave us a nice list of who to never vote for again, baseball coding software couldn't account for a crazy thing that happened in a game, and acetaminophen may affect the brain in ways you didn't realize.

Also, Futurama was re-canceled, and GeekNights is going to Australia!

High Bandwidth Content Distribution

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider how video (and other high bandwidth one-way content) is distributed on the Internet, including a brief history of satellite television in North America and how its unresolved issues remain to this day. In the news, FOX threatens to go cable-only if Aereo isn't shut down, different levels of shady are occurring with ISPs and HTML content, and France doesn't understand the Streisand Effect. Rym enjoyed a bomb scare outside his office, Amazon amazingly mis-delivered a package, wallets seem to be the hot thing to Kickstart, and Lawdingo seems like an interesting way to find a lawyer.

Everyday Technology

Tonight on GeekNights, after considering surprise evictions of illegal apartments, pit traps, punji sticks, esoteric specialist problems with pypy, and the things they don't teach you at RIT, we consider the technology we use every day. From cameras to GeekNights' audio studio, cell phones to other cell phones! Everything!

Augmented Reality

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the recent opening of applications for early access to Google Glass (nevermind forum discussions), we discuss the promise of Augmented Reality. But first, we discuss non-standard uses of naan (get it?), New York groceries, the rise and fall of SuperDaE, and a surprising "solution" to the problem of poor Youtube performance. Also, the GeekNights Gaming Grande Prix is still accepting applications!


Tonight on GeekNights, Rym saves a dead hard drive with one of the oldest tricks in the book, rumors are going around about an Apple watch interface (in light of the recent Pebble shipments forthcoming and talk of Corning Willow Glass), professors and educators seem to be very quick to reject technology in the classroom, and we answer whether or not you can erase yourself from the Internet.

Don't forget we have both GeekNights Presents and many of our convention lectures up on Youtube! And submit your panels, workshops, presentations, and lectures to ConnectiCon 2013!

Internet Governance

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider a topic which should be much more boring than it is: the governance of the Internet, particularly in light of the US's recent refusal to sign a UN treaty related to it. Before that, Rym has further adventures in HVAC, Twitter opens up your tweet history, we lament the "web we lost" and what that really means (hint: an eventual move to a federated replacement for Twitter, or possible to a future G+), we consider the resurgence of an ancient argument about ad blocking (spoiler: if you give me data, I will do with it what I will), and we wonder on the idea that an API could be considered a National Treasure.

Also, ConnectiCon 2013 Panel and Workshop submissions are live! And, we launched a new show! GeekNights Presents. And, we're going to MAGFest! And, you should spread the word on our video content if you want us to make more of it!

Network Sniffing and Programmers

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about network sniffing and programming. But first, rural landlines are dropping calls, but not for the reasons you might expect. iTunes 11 came out, to the usual fanfare and undeserved anger. CDs are old. MagFest is coming (we'll be there presenting)! Our CS:GO server is live. Enforce.

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