Podcasting Live

Tonight on GeekNights, we somewhat half-assedly cover the broad technical issues of recording a live show in front of an audience. In the news, dark matter's existence is confirmed, AOL leaks a pile of search information, and an Irish company (Steorn) claims to have discovered perpetual motion.

Live at Otakon 2006

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you our live panel at Otakon 2006 entitled "Podcasting and Internet Radio." In the news, Blu-Ray drives can't play Blu-Ray discs, and the RIAA sues a dead man.

Apple Fanboyism and Geek Boyfriends

Tonight on a very special GeekNights we have some very special guests sitting in for Rym and Scott. Listen as Richard and Allison discuss the death of Top of the Pops. They also spend a good deal of time exploring the Apple fetish and why geeky guys make excellent boyfriends.

Firefox Extensions

Tonight on GeekNights, we go through all of the useful Firefox extensions we use and love. As for the news, people are being arrested for photographing police officers in public places, and there is much debate over the release of GPL version 3.

Lies in Consumer Electronics

Tonight on GeekNights, we cover the common lies in consumer electronics. As for the news, AMD buys ATI.

Galactic Patrol and The Difference Engine

Tonight on GeekNights, we nudge toward science fiction a bit with overviews of the Lensman books and The Difference Engine. In the news, corporations like to blame open source software for their troubles.

How Computers Work part III: The Flip Flop

Tonight on GeekNights, we continue our series on How Computers Work with part 3, where we cover the flip-flop and stateful computing. In the news, OpenDNS is silly and Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 is out.

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