Reading the Web

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider tv-over-TCP/IP, Google Analytics, Douglas Rushkoff's new book, and the Xbox360 launch lineup. We then discuss Slashdot, Fark,, and digg.


Tonight on GeekNights, we ramble about good Sony, evil Sony, an intelligent judge, and webcomics.

A Myriad of Topics

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss Jack Thompson, Pirates, LRAD, Blockbuster Video, and anime. Scott's out of town, so the anime bit is just me this time.

Nintendo Action

Tonight on GeekNights, we banter about manga in newspapers and Linux worms, followed by a rousing discussion of video games past and future: old NES sports games and the Nintendo DS lineup respectively.

Window Managers

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss window managers in all their assorted glory. We end up moving on into Linux in general. In the news, we mention DS WiFi, Grokster, Pirates, and Cluster Edge.

No More College Rant

Tonight on GeekNights, we rant about being out of college (RIT). And boy, I mean rant. In the news, we discuss SGI, Mike Brown, and Scooter Libby.

Mushishi, Death Note, and Rocketo

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about anime, manga, and comics: Mushishi, Death Note, and Rocketo respectively. In the news, Microsoft Live debuts, and there is turmoil in Ethiopia.

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