No Internets

Tonight on GeekNights there are no news or things of the day. We have no Internet, so we have no idea what is happening in the world, nor have we discovered any new entertaining things to share with you. Bear with us as we tell the story of our recent web withdrawal, and ponder the role of the net in our lives.

Network Address Translation

Tonight on GeekNights, we explain NAT (Network Address Translation) in layman's terms. In the news, Diebold may be getting out of the voting machine business, and Best Buy may be doing shady things with its intranet site.


Tonight on GeekNights, we ramble a bit about what podcasts we listen to and how our tastes have changed over time. In the news, Rym is a member of the Digg Bury-Brigade Illuminati, and the FCC is possibly on the road to SCOTUS intervention.

New York Comic-Con

Tonight on GeekNights we review the second annual New York Comic Convention. In the news we discuss the terrible American Anime Awards.

Super Mario World

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the fourth console Super Mario Brothers game, Super Mario World. In the news, Coca-Cola could be redesigning their cans and Metal Gear Solid 3 will no longer be playable online.

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