Star Wars

Tonight on GeekNights there is much speech relating to women on the Internet, Austrian privacy hackers and a titanosaurus fossil.

Three Anime

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider three anime: Lupin III, Galaxy Express 999, and Samurai Champloo. Before that, we have the new Windows exploit and Blu-Ray's likely victory.

First Person Shooters

Tonight on GeekNights, we reminisce about the history of First Person Shooters. As for the news, its the RIAA's new legal troubles and Europe's civilian GPS.

Buying a New Computer part 3

Tonight on GeekNights, we finish our series on building/buying a new computer by covering the video card, display, DVD/CD burners, cases, and power supplies. This being the first show since the holidays, we regail you with stories of days past instead of our usual news bits.

Anime: Big O II and Space Symphony Maetel

Tonight on GeekNights, we present Big O II and Space Symphony Maetel, followed by a roundup of recent comics. We also hit on Seagate's aquisition of Maxtor and X11R7.0.

Final Fantasy Advance IV

Tonight on GeekNights, we hit on Final Fantasy and the recent release of Final Fantasy IV for the GBA. As for news, we've got the NYC transit strike, the ID smackdown, and the 2005 Google Zeitgeist.

Buying a New Computer part 2

Tonight on GeekNights, we continue our ongoing series on buying a new computer with hardware components. We cover the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and storage, hopefully in an accessible manner.

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