Hardware Lockdown and Secure Boot

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider all of the awful concerns around UEFI's SecureBoot, which is bad, but not as bad as the evils of the past, as well as Cisco's dubious command and control firmware updates and problems stemming from the leap second that gave us a long weekend. Google Plus also now has developer-facing functionality that is ripe for some low-hanging-fruit execution of ideas! Rym, after a week without a smartphone, is finally back in the cyber fold. ConnectiCon 2012 is coming NEXT WEEKEND, and you should be there if you live within a few hours drive of Hartford!

Show Notes

00:00 Intro

- Wahm taday
 - Wahma yestaday
 - Responding to complaints about heat with requests for more heat

- Leap Second
 - Whether or not we need to do that up for debate
 - Linux kernel bugs
  - Reboot your linux servers
  - Problem tied to java?
 - Keep calendar in sync with Earth so seasons line up
  - Keep doing what we're doing or metric calendar?
   - No one uses it, doesn't work
    - Tried during Napoleonic era in France (French noises)
     - Napoleon Alcohol

- Rym shattered his phone's screen
 - Not covered by the warranty
 - Found a refurbished version of his phone from some guy on Amazon
 - Looks fine
 - Week without cellphone
  - No withdrawal
   - Felt like missing a sense
    - Rear bike tire explosion, can't look up a bike shop on his phone
     - Start walking
      - Found one bike shop, they did not have tires in the size of Rym's bike
       - Tire was fucked, they couldn't help him
        - Walked north to 14th street 
         - Got his bike fixed
          - Biked home
     - Asking for directions in NY
      - People have no fucking idea 
       - They don't know where anything is
   - Not having instant, always on, always perfect GPS -- huuuuge problem
    - Scott uses maps made of paper
     - They argue whether phone or paper is faster
		- Rym challenges Scott
		 - Scott does not have the map with him
		- Rym suggests Scott tries using navigation mode with My Tracks
         - Scott has an iPhone
          - None of that stuff works
           - His maps are kind of shitty
            - Paper map is the best
             - Rym disagrees
    - Rym always posited how heavily he relies on his phone
	 - A week without it validated that to a ludicrous degree
     - He would have to change his entire way of doing things if he were not to have a phone for an extended period of time
      - Scott mentions Rym's hesitance to get a camera phone at one time
       - Rym worked at a place that banned phones with cameras
      - Rabble rabble

- "So Google+, a lot of people they be down on Google+ all over the internets"
 - Whatever
  - Hardly anyone uses it, there's no API
  - People are up and down on different social networks, Scott just uses everything
 - Hangouts
  - Replaced Skype-ish for group conference with video
   - Lets you watch Youtube videos together and stuff like that
  - Google Hangouts API
   - Lets you make apps for Google Hangouts
    - Everyone can interact with the app together
     - Perfect for board games and RPGs
     - Just works, brain dead easy
     - Will Scrym make an app or are they shit-talking?
      - Moving from King to Emperor of shit-talk
   - Succeed or fail?

- TotD
 - Marco Tempest doing an amazing performance art/biography of Nikola Tesla
 - Japanese rock-paper-scissors robot with 100% win-rate
  - How does it work?
   - Has a camera that watches your fist and counter-attacks so quickly you don't notice it's cheating
    - Is it really cheating? There's always a slight time-difference in human play
     - Is cheating OK if you are not caught?
      - What is the definition of cheating in RPS?
       - If someone can detect that their opponent is playing after them
        - Opponent would always claim detection of cheating
         - Needs video replay
          - So does FIFA
           - "Fuck Instant Fuck Anus"
            - What?!
             - Scott was trying to turn the acronym FIFA into something that involved telling them to get fucking instant replay, assholes
- Meta moment
 - Bookclub is Q-teen 84
 - July 13-15th is Connecticon in Hartford, Connecticut
  - You should fucking go if you're close enough
  - More panels than any Connecticon has ever had
  - Jon St. John's going to be there again
  - Best board games at any convention ever
   - Play games to get tickets that can be redeemed for free board games
 - PAX Prime is Labour Day
 - PAX Dev is before that
  - Chance Scrym will be there
 - Continually Updating the Website
 - Posting shit to google, facebook, twitter, fucking everywhere
  - Added a newsletter
   - "If you are an old and busted Luddite"
   - Updates once every other week or so
   - Reminds you of what Geeknights is up to
   - Subscribe
   - Unsubscribing works
   - One has already been sent out
    - No complaints

- Cisco Cloud Connect
 - Cloud Connect can run apps on a compatible router hosting cloud services such as file transfer with your home computers
 - Cisco customers reporting problems with routers
  - Attempted to log in and were told to log in and register using Cisco Cloud Connect credentials they did not have
   - No way to get in to their own physical router without registering for Cisco Cloud Connect
    - Upgraded firmware, removed option to downgrade, forced them to set this up
    - Cisco now controls their router, no way to turn it off
 - Terms of service restrict pornography and infringing of others rights including intellectual property rights
 - Cisco tracks internet history
 - Crazy nerd outcry made them backpedal and provide instructions to physically reset and download the firmware to get the router back to normal
 - You need to fucking learn computers so that you don't get fucked	

 - Explanation of BIOS/EFI/UEFI
 - Secure Boot
  - Microsoft is forcing manufacturers applying for Windows 8 compatibility to use UEFI and Secure Boot
  - Secure Boot looks at the operating system and prevents boot if it's not approved
  - Microsoft is allowing self-signing for Windows on Intel but not ARM
  - These limitations are harmful to technology 
   - But locked down things are fine so long as open computers still exist
  - GPL V3 forbids "only allowing signed whatevers"
   - Ubuntu is no longer using the grub bootloader so they can do what they're doing to get around secure boot
  - What do things like this mean for the future?
  - People should Rabble rabble about this
 - UEFI is a UFIA

 53:37 Outro		
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