Scott Pilgrim: The Movie

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring to you our thoughts on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. We also consider laws against talking to strangers or talking at all.

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Geeknights 20100819 - Scott Pilgrim: The Movie

Expanded Show Notes - Show Run Time: 00:56:09

    Time | Notes
00:00:00 | Intro
00:00:28 | Opening Chit-Chat
	 | - Rym is fed up with buying things in person
	 | - On supporting local stores
	 | - What counts as being a "pain in the ass"
	 | - Rym breaks stuff on purpose?
	 | - Audio recording and calibrating
	 | - On shit-talking and getting things done
	 | - Settling up old debt
00:06:01 | News
	 | - Coprolites & shark tooth marks (See the ToTD)
	 | - Discussion on poop and rocks (Scott doesn't understand fossilization?)
	 | - California law prohibiting conversation with strangers in a public space struck down
	 | - Discussion of commerce law banning solicitation
	 | - Poorly written laws are a problem
	 | - On handling people who are annoying you in public
	 | - Rym on the smell in New Brunswick and NJ Public Transit
	 | - Policies in NJ public transit - designated Quiet Cars
	 | - Social Mores versus Freedoms
	 | - Fractured culture and enforcing the rules
	 | - What constitutes harassment or acceptable behavior?
00:21:46 | Things of the Day
	 | - On the excellence of Collegehumor videos
	 | Scott - Pictures for Christians
	 | - Fark and paint-huffin'?
	 | Rym - Poor Patrick Tribett: A True Warrior
	 | - Even Fark didn't make fun of him this time.
00:26:41 | Meta Moment
	 | - Book Club: The Golden Apples of the Sun by Ray Bradbury
	 | - Conventions:  PAX, NYCC/NYAF, 10-10-10
	 | - PAX Late Night - Alex Albrecht, Jon St. John, three members of Rooster Teeth, secret musical act and video
00:30:14 | Main Topic
	 | - No complaints about the movie, but no spoilers
	 | - The book was better, but condensing the books into one movie was an amazing feat
	 | - No development of the side-characters
	 | - Once the fight scenes start it's fights from there on out.
	 | - For the whole series to be done properly it almost would have had to be a trilogy
	 | - Saddened by how poorly the movie is doing
	 | - Discussion of how well the movie is doing and what was the typical draw for the film
	 | - Poor turnout in the cities despite heavy marketing - weak marketing outside the cities
	 | - Suggestion that the preview screenings may have harmed the box-office take
	 | - Not a lot of hate on the movie - hate on the generation that spawned the movie
	 | - Kim Pine in the book versus Wallace in the movie
	 | - Discussion of side characters in the movie
	 | - Wallace was the win in the movie, especially when drunk
	 | - Scott Pilgrim realizing the mistakes of his past and fixing his screw-ups
	 | - Character development in the movie
	 | - Discussion of the DDR game in the movie and games at the shore
	 | - *** SPOILER LINE ***
	 | - Moral: Scott overcoming his own BS
	 | - All the other characters had similar arcs in the book
	 | - Characters were turned into side people in the movie to shrink the story to fit
	 | - Scott fighting the evil ex-es was a metaphor for him overcoming the memories of previous people
	 | - At the same time he was generating his own evil ex-es and he didn't know it
	 | - Scott's poor memory was left out of the movie
	 | - Movie didn't focus on stupid details like some superhero movies do
	 | - Everything in the movie is there for a reason
	 | - The movie was two hours but didn't feel like a long movie
	 | - A lot of the scene transitions in the movie were quick jumps
	 | - Discussion of music in the movie
	 | - All the songs in the movie where Michael Cera sang, he actually did the vocals
	 | - Discussion on Beck as a songwriter and his involvement in Scientology
	 | - Discussion on how Scientology hides its seedy side from the celebrity members
	 | - A lot of the little touches in the movie helped make the movie
	 | - The first fight was very well done
	 | - Discussion of the fights in the movie
	 | - The fight with the twins was boring due to lack of the super robots
	 | - Not a lot of outdoor shots during the movie - the movie was very closed-in
	 | - Was the scenery in the end of the book & movie inspired by Utena?
	 | - Brian Lee O'Malley wasn't expecting the movie to be good, but it was
	 | - Discussion of the cat in the book versus the movie
	 | - The comic isn't all video-game references, but the movie has them coming rapid-fire
	 | - Who could catch all the references besides hardcore gamers?
	 | - Is it worth seeing twice?  Very possibly
	 | - Rym: Zero complaints about the movie due to the impossibility of packing everything into a single film
	 | - Scott: Would have cut down the number of evil ex-es but would have put in more between-fight scenes
	 | - Animated Scott Pilgrim TV show would be excellent
00:55:06 | Outro
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