Network Neutrality

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss our favorite topic: network neutrality. In the news, AOL, Nullsoft, and VLC are in the news, people complain about Twitter for the wrong reasons, and e-readers are getting surprisingly cheaper.

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Geeknights 20100621 - Network Neutrality

Expanded Show Notes - Show Run Time: 01:04:31

    Time | Notes
00:00:00 | Intro
00:00:24 | Opening Chit-Chat
	 | - It's the first day of summer!
	 | - Time Zones
	 | - Warm today.  Warm yesterday.  Even warmer today.
	 | - Every in-joke ever
	 | - Rym is attending the SIFMA Expo this week
00:06:14 | News
	 | = E-readers in the news
	 | - Price drop on the Nook e-reader - now $150 for the Wi-Fi only version
	 | - No word yet from Amazon on their price
	 | - Used books versus new books versus e-books
	 | - Rym's last used book smelled of lox (Mmmmm, bagels and lox...)
	 | - Value analysis of an e-reader versus an iPad
	 | - The book reading experience (Scott needs that "book smell")
	 | - Tangent on Collectible Card Games and their variants
00:13:38 | = Twitter in the news
	 | - Utah Attorney General tweets the kill order for death row prisoner
	 | - Internet in an uproar, but it's not really that newsworthy
	 | - People don't respect new media
	 | - Engineers don't like Twitter
	 | - Too many people don't get how Twitter works
00:21:13 | = VLC in the news
	 | - AOL has forced VLC to remove Shoutcast support from their video/audio player
	 | - But does anybody out there really care?
	 | - Shoutcast license not compatible with GPL license (and is almost anti-GPL)
	 | - Licensing discussion - MIT/BSD vs. GPL
	 | - VLC would have to bundle adware to keep Shoutcast
00:25:59 | Things of the Day
	 | - Scott - Pi is wrong? (Two Pi or not Two Pi, that is the question...)
	 | - Rym - Something Fantasy (or, Poor Typography Choices)
00:29:59 | Meta Moment
	 | - ConnectiCon 2010 is July 9-11
	 | - Book Club: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
	 | - Pax Prime is September 3-5 (Labor Day Weekend)
	 | - Geeknights is broadcast on Ustream (when we remember to turn the camera on)
	 | - Be sure to check out the website and forums at!
00:31:53 | Main Topic - Network Neutrality
	 | - Geeknights hasn't done a whole show on Net Neutrality before, but it has had mentions
	 | - Only tech professionals seem to properly understand it AND care about it
	 | - It doesn't say anywhere that networks have to remain neutral... BUT IT SHOULD!
	 | - There is no overall law governing the internet
	 | - The government could regulate the whole mess, but that means no more "wild west"
	 | - Most of the internet should be unregulated
	 | - Evil Companies and How much evil are you willing to put up with?
	 | - The law can't keep up with the speed of the internet
	 | - Professional Opinion Time: We need Network Neutrality, not Internet Neutrality
	 | - The base of the network should not be aware of the content residing on it
	 | - ISPs started getting snarky about who could send traffic across their networks
	 | - Analogy of how the internet works in comparison to hitch-hiking
	 | - We need a completely open, dumb baseline infrastructure
	 | - Discussion of Regulation of ISPs
	 | - Discussion of the real motivation behind the death of Napster, et al.
	 | - Discussion of "Why pirate now when you can get legal media for free?"
	 | - Discussion of Bandwidth Caps, Metering, and Reasonable Rates
	 | - The world where people have more bandwidth is the world where content providers can cut out the middleman
	 | - Data transport at the last mile and at the high ISP level should be data-agnostic
	 | - The Last-Mile providers should not be able to have content production capability
	 | - The ISPs should essentially be a utility
	 | - The problem with a la carte pricing in relation to net neutrality
	 | - Discussion of TV Production Houses, Advertisers, and other vested interests
	 | - The internet destroys all middlemen - only service/utility providers will remain
01:03:35 | Outro
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