See our panel at PAX West 2018!

Friday July 13, 2018

We will be live at PAX West 2018 presenting The 40 Tabletop Games you Must Play! Monday, September 3rd at 10:00am in the Hydra Theatre. This is a live streaming theatre, so those of you playing the home game will be able to see us on Twitch!

The 40 Tabletop Games you Must Play
These may not be the top 40 board games ever designed, nor are they the top 40 influential or otherwise important games. If you aspire to really understand tabletop, or if you have visions of designing your own games, these are the 40 games that, if you play them, will give you the widest possible perspective on what it means to make a good game (and what "good" even means). Join the GeekNights crew for an exploration of the boundaries of tabletop gaming. There are some gems in there.

Stay tuned for more info as the con approaches!

GeekNights Live at PAX West 2016

Saturday July 9, 2016

GeekNights will be performing live at PAX West 2016!

The Grind
Saturday, Sept 3rd
Chicken Theatre

The Grind. We've all experienced it. We've all complained about it. Some of us secretly love it. But ask 100 people what it actually IS, and you'll get 40 different answers. Join us for a mechanical discussion of what "grinding" really means in games. Is it necessary for a "classic MMO?" Is it part of the genre of a "JRPG?" Does it exist in board games? Is it bad? Is it good? Is it necessary? Part storytelling, part game design, part game theory: let's explore the grind from all angles.

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