Grand Prix Round 4 - Hacienda

Monday August 26, 2013

The long awaited final round of the grand prix is here. We've had two video games and one tabletop game so far. To keep things even, the final battle is tabletop yet again. Welcome to the Hacienda.

Hacidena makes an optimal grand prix game because you can play it for free on the web asynchronously. That really helps out our players in distant time zones. To play, you just need a free account on SpielByWeb. The the rulebook is on their site as well.

Anyone who wishes to participate in this round, simply send an email to requesting entry. On Monday September 9th I will combine entrants into games, most likely with 4-5 players. The format will be single elimination. The winner of each game will advance and all others will be eliminated. Depending on the number of players, we may be able to finish this in very few rounds of play. At the end of each game, every player in the game must submit the complete final results of points and coins via email.

In order to rank players who lost in the same round we will have multiple tiebreakers. The first is position in the game the player lost, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. Next comes points scores in the losing game followed by final coin count in the losing game. If necessary we can dig into points scored in prior rounds or compare who allowed their opponents to score fewer points.

Good luck farming.

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