#geeknights | Logs for 2017-10-26

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[14:17:49] <Bronz|work> FRCBot? Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time.
[14:19:58] <Bronz|work> This is suspicious.
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[17:57:12] <Bronzdragon> https://app.crossover.com
[17:57:44] Bronz is now known as Aria|home
[17:58:01] <Bronzdragon> I like that between the two of us, we're four users.
[18:01:40] <Apsup> Oh, Steams halloween sale started. It doesn't seem to even be a bigger sale this time, just a banner on shop frontpage. Didn't it use to be semi-big sale.
[18:01:48] <Apsup> Not summer or winter big, but still.
[18:02:26] <Bronzdragon> I think Steam has trained everyone enough to where if they just say there's a sale, there's an uptick in sales.
[18:03:03] <Apsup> yea, but this has just horror stuff or stuff that can in some vague way be put in horrory sale, so nothing for me.
[18:03:51] <Apsup> Well, less likely to have stuff that really interest me, at least.
[18:09:01] <Apsup> Guilty Gear is on sale though...
[18:09:06] <Aria|home> Xrd?
[18:09:07] <Aria|home> How much
[18:10:11] <Apsup> If you want up-to-date version and characters it's 30€
[18:10:16] <Apsup> Which is not super low.
[18:10:30] <Aria|home> No, not at all
[18:10:48] <Aria|home> I kinda expected it to MSRP at 40 to be honest
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