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[05:55:29] <Bronz|work> Good morning.
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[08:44:15] <Bronz|work> Hi Apsup
[08:44:24] <Apsup> Morning
[08:58:46] <Bronz|work> How was the weekend?
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[09:00:44] <Bronz|work> Hey Aria!
[09:00:47] <Bronz|work> Good morning!
[09:00:55] <Bronz|work> 10 o'clock, on the dot, that's cool
[09:01:34] <Aria> Hi
[09:02:02] <Aria> I feel better, though still not the best
[09:04:27] <Apsup> Morning to aria too.
[09:04:33] <Apsup> You got up earlier than me.
[09:04:41] <Aria> By 2 minutes?
[09:04:57] <Apsup> Well, on relative clock. I've been up for a while.
[09:05:08] <Apsup> But for me it was almost noon.
[09:05:25] <Aria> How are you? also this documentary said 20 out of every 1000 births resulted in the mother dying. Or maybe the child, doesn't matter, the point is, she could've just as easily have said 2/100
[09:05:35] <Aria> Oh right, like that
[09:06:25] <Aria> And then it was compared to /100 000 number afterwards from today. Then the original should've also been a /100 000 number!
[09:21:38] <Bronz|work> Hey Aria, I've been asked by Fahmi if I would be willing to come in on Saturday to work overtime.
[09:21:42] <Bronz|work> What do you think?
[09:21:59] <Bronz|work> I'm leaning 'yes' because money = good?
[09:22:05] <Bronz|work> But then again freetime = also good?
[09:22:13] <Aria> Up to you if you're willing. But given that it's Monday, maybe don't decide yet?
[09:23:54] <Bronz|work> Well, he asked me today.
[09:24:41] <Bronz|work> What do you think, Apsup?
[09:29:07] <Apsup> WHich do you need more some few bucks, or free Sunday?
[09:33:13] <Aria> We watched the movie XXX Return of Xander Cage
[09:33:15] <Aria> I enjoyed it
[09:33:44] <Bronz|work> Well, Sunday is going to be free regardless.
[09:33:45] <Aria> Some shaky cam and quick cuts, but it was sufficiently silly
[09:34:31] <Aria> Also they did a bunch of Kamen Rider stunts. Like, not Kamen Rider-like, but directly modelled off of scenes from Kamen Rider
[09:34:42] <Bronz|work> It's sufficiently aware of itself.
[09:35:33] <Aria> Including just a few minutes in, that one where Ichigo kicks the spider guy off of his bike with both feet and then grabs the back of the-- whatever, it's a cool scene in The First, and they did it here too
[09:36:02] <Aria> But the editing let it down
[09:37:17] <Aria> Wait they did have bears! Google told me there were no bears in Tudor era England
[09:37:45] <Aria> But this guy was allegedly killed by an escaped bear, so they must've had bears!
[09:45:45] <Bronz|work> "an escaped bear"
[09:45:49] <Bronz|work> So they had imported bears!
[09:46:09] <Aria> I figured it was captured locally
[09:47:03] <Bronz|work> Well, if one source said they had no local bears, and source 2 says a bear escaped, the only solution that doesn't require them to contradict is if the bear is imported.
[09:47:22] <Aria> Also, Tudor era medicine sounds fucked up. Like all of these remedies are gonna kill you on the spot. How did anyone do this once, and then go like "Yup, that worked, I'll put it in my Working list."
[09:49:23] <Aria> "If you have gonorrhea, cut open a chicken and stick your dick in the wound."
[10:10:24] <Aria> This video is good https://youtu.be
[10:10:29] <Aria> You need sound though
[10:57:52] <Bronz|work> So... you know how Brexit is happening soon?
[10:58:00] <Aria> Yeah?
[10:58:06] <Bronz|work> Well, the EU negotiator is called Mr. David Davis
[10:59:57] <Aria> Sure
[11:02:15] <Bronz|work> I though that was interesting.
[11:05:16] <Aria> Sure
[11:33:41] <Aria> https://youtu.be is that Brandan Fraser?
[11:34:19] <Aria> (You don't need sound, and he's only on screen for that one second
[12:06:09] <Bronz|work> I don't see him?
[12:07:20] <Aria> "I don't think you're hitting the alliteration" guy at 50 seconds
[12:07:50] <Aria> Anyway, it's not him
[12:11:23] <Aria> Google knows I watched XXX yesterday, because it's recommending me a bunch of Riddick out of nowhere
[12:18:58] <Bronz|work> Did we look up anything xXx related yesterday?
[12:19:11] <Aria> I can't think of anything
[12:19:23] <Aria> Maybe we looked up the actors?
[12:27:29] <Bronz|work> Nah, we were familliar with all of 'em, I'm pretty sure.
[12:36:35] <Bronz|work> Hey Aria, can you proofread a reddit comment for me to make sure it makes sense?
[12:36:38] <Bronz|work> https://www.reddit.com
[12:38:35] <Aria> Yeah totally
[12:38:47] <Aria> Also 90% are non-nefarious
[12:39:00] <Aria> It's stuff like "But what if we need X later" and then everyone forgets
[12:39:49] <Bronz|work> I don't know enough about back-doors to put a number on it.
[12:40:07] <Aria> Or man we have a bunch of tickets on Y, can we just make it so we can get Y? Okay I made it so we can connect. I added a bunch of things like making the client give us Y, change to mode A or B, and send us a R
[12:40:10] <Bronz|work> And that guy seemed pretty secure in his "No, they're all evil" position.
[12:41:05] <Aria> Sure
[12:41:59] <Bronz|work> Anyway, tnx
[13:31:23] <Aria> Yugioh is appropriately stupid
[13:31:57] <Aria> The cartoon I mean
[13:32:43] <Aria> He set up one of his guys attacking, and then the other guy countered with a 3x multiplier, and then first guy countered back with a 3x multiplier
[13:32:55] <Aria> So they're now stuck multiplying the damage of that first attack
[13:33:17] <Bronz|work> that sounds about right.
[13:34:59] <Aria> And then he merged three units so that the counter loop would be cancelled, but attack power would still be buffered. And then he attacked a guy who had per rules infinite health, but because this was a special buffed kinda attack, it was a stronger infinite than default infinite so he could kill he guy with infinite health
[13:35:06] <Aria> All of this in one move.
[13:35:33] <Aria> Also, if you keep multiplying a number you don't get infinite, you just get bigger numbers until you stop multiplying
[13:55:05] <Aria> So I looked up some scenes from Downtown Abbey because I needed inconsequential dialog topics
[13:55:53] <Aria> They're all the same, with the same character being rude to a different (arbitrary) character, and then everybody else telling the first character to fuck off, and also getting mad at a third character who told the first character to fuck off maybe a bit too hard
[13:57:20] <Bronz|work> Yeah that's soap dramas for ya.
[13:59:10] <Aria> Why would you keep the guy around who always embarrasses you?
[14:03:27] <Bronz|work> Well, I mean, he cooks real good?
[14:04:07] <Aria> He's one of the fancy folk, so he doesn't do any cooking.
[14:04:58] <Bronz|work> Oh well, because he's too high class to kick out?
[14:05:00] <Bronz|work> I dunno.
[14:31:59] <Bronz|work> ok, walkin' home, bye
[14:32:21] <Aria> Bye
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[20:22:21] <Bronzdragon> Hello
[20:31:57] <Apsup> Evening
[20:38:19] <Bronzdragon> How goes?
[20:42:46] <Apsup> Fine, had our monday evening rpg-club. Now home to ejoy some Final Fantasy.
[20:43:06] <Apsup> Hoping that I can finish up the story before I leave to spend end of the week with family.
[20:44:23] <Bronzdragon> Just get them into FF as well, then you can play it there too!
[20:46:53] <Aria> How real time is that FF?
[20:47:44] <Aria> In a scale from Dragon's Dogma to The Lord of the Rings.
[20:55:18] <Bronzdragon> Is that a burn on lord of the rings?
[20:57:05] <Aria> Lord of the Rings is a book. It's designed to be entirely passive
[20:57:26] <Aria> But it has some like looking at the map and stuff
[20:57:36] <Aria> And choosing when to stop reading and when to continue
[20:57:45] <Aria> I guess you could read it out of order if you want
[21:01:17] <Bronzdragon> This list of Demons Aria is reading is quite entertaining.
[21:02:10] <Apsup> Is it that one big list of demons?
[21:02:16] <Apsup> the famous one.
[21:02:17] <Apsup> ?
[21:05:02] <Aria> I think it's from Dante's Inferno
[21:05:05] <Aria> https://horrorpedia.com
[21:13:08] <Apsup> Yea, I was thinking of Lesser Key of Solomon, and I think that's more or less that.
[21:13:42] <Aria> Right.
[21:13:50] <Aria> That's what I was looking for when I found that list
[21:13:57] <Aria> Because I couldn't remember the name
[21:17:57] <Aria> So I'm looking at this game design document thing I wrote months ago
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[21:18:18] <Aria> For a game I really wanted to make a few months ago. Still do of course, but I'm working on something smaller and more manageable
[21:19:06] <Aria> Anyway, the one tab is the list of characters, and the one lady has her character motivation bit empty
[21:19:44] <Aria> Its been many months, I figured since it's been brewing in my head and stuff, I would be able to just fill it out now, but nope, still doesn't make sense.
[21:19:52] <Aria> So that's a shame.
[21:23:18] <Aria> Anyway, time to sleep. Good night
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