#geeknights | Logs for 2017-04-28

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[05:49:50] <Bronz|work> Good morning.
[05:50:10] <Aria> There's a youtube clip of Batman forever at 60hz
[05:50:32] <Aria> And it looks pretty good, I think it's not a filter..
[05:51:25] <Aria> Okay maybe it's a filter. But it's better than SVP
[05:51:33] <Aria> Anyway, I really wanna watch the entire movie like this
[05:56:20] <Aria> I found this forum post by the DP where he says he's created a company that is standardizing high frame rate bitrates and compression
[05:56:41] <Aria> So it would make sense that one of their test films was one he worked on
[05:56:51] <Aria> But I don't know how to watch the movie like that
[06:01:23] <Aria> Also did you hear about the new 3DS?
[06:01:27] <Aria> They made a new 3DS
[06:02:39] <Aria> Also, man, the power of ue4/shaders https://pbs.twimg.com
[06:03:12] <Aria> The top ridge of his skull has like 8 verts, his jacket is painted on, but it still looks great
[06:03:54] <Bronz|work> Oh man, really?
[06:03:57] <Bronz|work> I mean, ic an see it
[06:04:01] <Bronz|work> But yeah.
[06:16:06] <Bronz|work> =O
[06:16:17] <Aria> Yes?
[06:16:18] <Bronz|work> On Youtube, I can sort my Watch Later playlist.
[06:16:43] <Aria> That's great!
[06:16:53] <Aria> Also we grew a sheep in a tube!
[06:17:07] <Aria> Not sure how old this is, but it's cool
[06:17:13] <Aria> Let's see if the sheep survives
[06:17:14] <Bronz|work> That is cool.
[06:17:50] <Aria> Okay so the sheep were born in a mother sheep
[06:18:10] <Bronz|work> So not in a tube?
[06:18:11] <Aria> But then removed as embryos and put into the sheep growing machine and matured
[06:18:37] <Aria> They are not independent from the machine and have been for two days?
[06:29:45] <Aria> I want high framerate movies..
[06:30:45] <Aria> You know that Minecraft-like game with the portals?
[06:30:55] <Aria> This is the trailer https://youtu.be
[06:31:15] <Aria> I think they're on purpose trying to make it look as much like DQ Builders as they can
[06:31:53] <Aria> Maybe being a dragon quest heroes knockoff is more favourable to a Minecraft one
[06:33:50] <Aria> builders, not heroes.
[06:39:48] <Aria> I'm watching this guy talk about writing ME2 dialog
[06:39:55] <Aria> It's honestly kinda gross...
[06:40:07] <Aria> He's talking like no one in the audience has ever seen a video game
[06:40:13] <Aria> Or a book
[06:40:17] <Aria> It's at GDC
[06:44:39] <Aria> Okay I think I know why ME has bad story. His goto example of a 3D character is Kratos from God of War
[06:45:24] <Aria> Not 3D as in polygonal, but 3D as in a character that acts on his own motivations and makes sense to the world/has more than one facet/role
[06:53:10] <Bronz|work> ... but...
[06:53:14] <Bronz|work> but all he is is angry
[06:53:25] <Aria> I'm so angry!
[06:57:22] <Aria> He doesn't even do that well. If you wanna see a video game about being angry, you should look at Asura's Wrath for inspiration
[06:57:44] <Bronz|work> I dunno, sometimes I don't think he's angry, as much as just sadistic?
[06:58:13] <Aria> Asura?
[06:58:23] <Aria> Or Kratos?
[06:58:34] <Bronz|work> Yes?
[06:58:50] <Aria> When is Asura sadistic?
[06:59:34] <Bronz|work> I guess Asura isn't so much, actually
[07:00:05] <Aria> No, every scene in that game is someone punching him, and then he gets angry and gets extra arms, then punches the other guy back
[07:03:09] <Aria> God damn Bioware, seriously
[07:03:23] <Bronz|work> ...
[07:03:23] <Aria> "Don't put actions on the wrong button"
[07:03:29] <Bronz|work> Yeah well, no shit.
[07:03:49] <Aria> "If you walk up to a door, and a tool tip is floating next to the door saying to hold Y to open, do not map opening the door to A"
[07:04:10] <Bronz|work> Oh, wait.
[07:04:16] <Aria> I guess that should've been ' not ", because he didn't literally say that, but still
[07:04:19] <Bronz|work> I thought they meant "make your buttons consistant"
[07:04:29] <Bronz|work> *consistent?
[07:04:36] <Aria> Yes, that's what he meant
[07:04:51] <Bronz|work> Well, I mean, I guess people still mess that up.
[07:05:00] <Aria> Not on purpose
[07:05:49] <Aria> Nobody considers if they should make their buttons consistent, and then go "nah, I think the colours should reflect the time of day you're most likely to perform the action"
[07:06:01] <Aria> It's just that stuff slips. You shouldn't have to tell me
[07:06:46] <Bronz|work> Well, it's more a "Oh, and when you think of choosing buttons, rememeber to be logical about it".
[07:13:00] <Aria> This guy is suggesting that because you as the player chose to go buy fish instead of save your dying team mates, it doesn't hurt the pacing
[07:14:20] <Aria> 'That's the canonical thing that happened, because it's your story', except no, the player assumes time is standing still. This entire talk is about the contract with the player and how you should write in such a way as to not challenge expectations
[07:16:05] <Aria> The player is not part of the story in a Mass Effect game. The assumption is that the story is linear with obvious branches, and that you can play a game in between the story beats without it being acknowledged by the story
[07:28:48] <Bronz|work> Reddit is down =(
[07:29:01] <Aria> Still?
[07:29:11] <Aria> They've been down for several hours at this point
[07:29:39] <Bronz|work> They were semi up a moment ago
[07:29:42] <Bronz|work> With yesterday's content
[07:29:52] <Bronz|work> But that lasted 2 minutes.
[07:30:02] <Aria> I see
[07:52:04] <Aria> I wanna go take a nap
[07:52:12] <Aria> I haven't been awake for long, but kinda sleepy
[07:52:19] <Aria> But I have to wait for stupid Tesco man
[07:52:32] <Bronz|work> Stupid tesco guy
[07:56:14] <Aria> Below is mostly black
[07:56:31] <Aria> They want to use lots of empty space
[07:56:38] <Aria> And lots of lighting only part of the screen]
[07:56:48] <Aria> That's not gonna play nice with the bug on our TV
[07:59:46] <Bronz|work> Ah yeah.
[08:22:24] <Aria> Okay we have food
[08:22:27] <Bronz|work> Woo!
[08:22:31] <Bronz|work> And you will have a nap then?
[08:22:33] <Aria> Now I need to know if I wanna nap
[08:22:38] <Aria> I guess
[08:22:46] <Bronz|work> You don't have to nap...
[08:23:01] <Aria> Reddit is back
[08:43:22] <Bronz|work> So I encountered this furry artwork: https://www.reddit.com
[08:43:27] <Bronz|work> And I was like "Oh that's cute"
[08:43:47] <Bronz|work> And then I read what the actual 'disabillity' was and I was like "Aria as right :("
[08:49:36] <Aria> +45.
[08:53:42] <Aria> Ima see about naps
[08:53:47] <Aria> Bye for now
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[14:22:46] <Aria> Hello
[14:22:50] <Aria> Oh I see
[14:22:54] <Aria> Its later than expected
[14:23:00] <Bronz|work> Oh well, hmm =/
[14:23:06] <Bronz|work> I'm going home soon-ish.
[14:23:23] <Aria> Okay, talk to you soon
[14:25:56] <Bronz|work> I mean, I'm still here for now...
[14:26:07] <Aria> Well stop
[14:26:38] <Bronz|work> Can't for at least 4 more minutes.
[14:26:49] <Aria> Get your shit
[14:27:27] <Bronz|work> Shit has been gotten
[14:27:36] <Bronz|work> Dublin bus says I'm not going to make it though.
[14:28:23] <Aria> Your clock is off
[14:29:10] <Bronz|work> Is it?
[14:29:31] <Aria> Probably by a minute
[14:29:39] <Aria> Its 30 now
[14:29:47] <Bronz|work> bye
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