#geeknights | Logs for 2017-04-06

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[05:50:29] <Bronz|work> Good morning.
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[07:24:27] <Bronz|work> Hi Apsup
[07:24:39] <Apsup> Halloo
[07:28:49] <Bronz|work> How goes?
[07:29:19] <Apsup> Just woke up. Kinda hard to judge the day yet.
[07:30:59] <Bronz|work> How did it go yesterday?
[07:40:06] <Apsup> Yesterday was fine good day.
[07:40:37] <Apsup> Only negative was that I didn't play as much of P5 as I would have liked, as I first had business downtown and then got sleepy and took two hour nap.
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[07:41:26] <Apsup> Good morning Aria
[07:41:53] <Aria> Hello
[07:43:24] <Aria> How are you today?
[07:50:20] <Apsup> I just told Bronz. I just woke up and can't judge the day yet.
[07:51:51] <Aria> I'm feeling very bleh. Also just woke up
[07:52:10] <Bronz|work> Hi Aria!
[07:52:15] <Aria> Hi
[07:52:25] <Bronz|work> You woke up early today!
[07:54:56] <Aria> Oh yeah, I should write some quiz questions
[07:55:17] <Aria> Hi Apsup, would you pay 5 bucks for a quiz about video games on Steam?
[07:55:24] <Apsup> nop
[07:55:35] <Aria> I played another one that was 5 bucks, but it wasn't very good. Bronz|work liked it
[07:57:08] <Aria> Have you seen Jack Reacher? Is it good?
[08:01:20] <Aria> Apparently Birkebeinerne is called The Last King internationally?
[08:01:55] <Aria> The trailer is terrible. Also these people think it's set in Scotland?
[08:04:03] <Bronz|work> The last king...?
[08:04:08] <Bronz|work> But there's more kings after this!
[08:04:24] <Bronz|work> Also, isn't it a re-instation of the previous line of kings?
[08:04:43] <Aria> Yes
[08:04:44] <Bronz|work> Woudl it not be more accurate he's "the first king" (in that line)?
[08:04:47] <Aria> It's a terrible name
[08:04:59] <Bronz|work> Maybe "the last of the king's men" would be better?
[08:05:03] <Bronz|work> I think that sounds pretty epic
[08:05:16] <Aria> "The line of kings got interrupted for like two weeks, and this is the first king after that"
[08:05:32] <Aria> Yeah, that's actually a good name
[08:05:35] <Bronz|work> =P
[08:05:51] <Bronz|work> I think "return of the king" is taken, actually
[08:07:57] <Aria> Is vaping and e-cigarettes the same thing?
[08:08:47] <Bronz|work> Yup.
[08:09:44] <Bronz|work> Oh, apperantly not.
[08:10:25] <Bronz|work> E-cigs burn some stuff, and you inhale the smoke.
[08:10:37] <Bronz|work> Where as with vaping, it boils liquid, and you inhale the steam?
[08:14:52] <Aria> Are you familiar with Haxe?
[08:15:03] <Aria> What do I need to compile a haxe project?
[08:15:17] <Aria> Is it even compiled?
[08:15:21] <Bronz|work> 1337 skillz
[08:15:47] <Bronz|work> Ah, haxe is a toolkit.
[08:16:02] <Bronz|work> And wether it's compiled or not depends on which language you use with it.
[08:16:18] <Aria> Huh? Why are the files .hx files if they're not written in whatever haxe is?
[08:16:38] <Bronz|work> https://haxe.org
[08:16:47] <Bronz|work> Apperantly, you do need to compile it.
[08:17:53] <Aria> I see
[08:18:31] <Bronz|work> To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why you would want to do this?
[08:18:46] <Bronz|work> I get it for interpreted languages like Lua and Javascript, I guess.
[08:18:57] <Bronz|work> Because maybe the same app needs to run on different interpreters?
[08:19:02] <Bronz|work> But for compiled stuff.... why?
[08:19:20] <Aria> Maybe it translates all the platform specific stuff for you?
[08:19:33] <Aria> You do something that does something platform specific under Windows
[08:19:50] <Aria> And then the Linux version still works with similar behaviour
[08:20:05] <Aria> I dunno, I want to compile this app that is written in it
[08:20:20] <Aria> It costs 50 bucks, but they host it on Github, so I don't see the need to pay
[08:20:26] <Aria> (Also don't have a demo version)
[08:25:48] <Aria> Jack2 is in Dragon Quest Heroes II?
[08:25:57] <Aria> Also Giant Cop is out
[08:28:05] <Bronz|work> Oh that VR game!
[08:41:07] <Aria> Out of beans. Do you think assuages in yoghurt is any good?
[08:44:44] <Bronz|work> ... No.
[08:44:59] <Bronz|work> But sausage in bread (cut in half, maybe some butter) would be great!
[08:48:09] <Aria> Which is what I'm doing =)
[08:48:35] <Bronz|work> You could eat the yoghurt on the side though.
[08:58:02] <Aria> Dwayne Johnsen has a YouTube channel
[08:58:13] <Aria> With professionally produced videos
[08:58:19] <Aria> That is not a good idea!
[08:58:25] <Bronz|work> Is it as good as Arnold's youtube channel?
[08:58:36] <Aria> Arnolds youtube channel is a good idea
[08:58:41] <Aria> Because he's a politician
[08:58:46] <Aria> And his videos look homemade
[08:58:49] <Aria> Or are home made
[08:59:07] <Aria> And because he's old. His acting career is done. When he does more movies now, its for fun
[08:59:11] <Aria> He's as big as he's gonna get
[08:59:29] <Aria> Dwayne Johnsen still wants money
[08:59:45] <Bronz|work> Well, surely he has an agent.
[08:59:50] <Bronz|work> Who already thought about it.
[09:00:34] <Aria> Maybe they thought he would have more views?
[09:01:03] <Aria> The way I look at it, he gets like ~1m views on YouTube. That's not a lot compared to some big name YouTubers, so he's worth less than some big name YouTubers
[09:01:07] <Aria> Doesn't that make sense?
[09:01:39] <Aria> I mean, not exactly, but still, the fewer views he gets, the more it hurts his brand
[09:02:09] <Aria> And there is now way he can compete with the people who do YouTube first, so even if he puts a bunch of effort into YouTube, it'll hurt his brand
[09:05:00] <Bronz|work> Oh I see.
[09:05:05] <Bronz|work> I didn't think about it that way.
[09:47:45] <Aria> Armoury does real time soft bodies and cloth now
[09:47:51] <Aria> Or three months ago
[09:47:55] <Aria> Either way, that's cool
[09:54:51] <Bronz|work> But that's not hard like armour is!
[09:55:17] <Aria> Good point. They should put their focus on rigid body physics
[09:57:36] <Bronz|work> =P
[10:02:44] <Bronz|work> Huh, that's weird...
[10:02:56] <Aria> What is?
[10:03:04] <Bronz|work> Seem I have access to the Imgur domain again?
[10:03:30] <Aria> Guess someone changed the filters after complaints
[10:03:43] <Bronz|work> It seems all the filters on everything are lifted
[10:03:45] <Bronz|work> that's good.
[10:14:33] <Aria> Apparently UAE is the worst country in the world when it comes to young people owning homes
[10:14:38] <Aria> Followed by Australia
[10:28:11] <Bronz|work> Where do we fall?
[10:28:39] <Aria> I don't have data for that
[11:02:09] <Bronz|work> =(
[11:02:21] <Bronz|work> I ate food. Food is good.
[11:02:25] <Bronz|work> =)
[11:02:26] <Aria> I bet!
[11:02:32] <Bronz|work> How was yours?
[11:02:41] <Aria> Alright, yeah
[11:15:52] <Aria> There's a game called Brave Furries, it's free on Linux (4 euro on Windows and Mac), so that's neat
[11:16:01] <Aria> Its like a.. mobile game
[11:16:17] <Bronz|work> Is it about coming out to your mom and dad as a furry?
[11:16:19] <Aria> It's a puzzle game, but I can't tell what the rules are from the screenshots
[11:16:40] <Bronz|work> https://www.youtube.com
[11:16:50] <Aria> No, its about furballs caught in spiderwebs, and its a puzzle game
[11:17:01] <Aria> That's the one
[11:23:56] <Aria> Man.
[11:24:06] <Aria> Apple computers are fucking cheap
[11:24:17] <Aria> I'm looking at the prebuilt PCs on the Oculus page
[11:24:30] <Aria> This one is like 1500 USD and comes with a 950
[11:26:29] <Bronz|work> A GTX950?
[11:26:32] <Aria> Yes.
[11:26:34] <Bronz|work> Isn't that below their minimum spec?
[11:26:45] <Aria> Ah-- yes, you see
[11:27:03] <Aria> The same line of computers are Oculus Ready, though the minimum spec one is only "HTC Vive Ready"
[11:27:13] <Aria> But they show the price for the minimum spec one
[11:28:11] <Aria> This one is 3000 USD, comes with a 1080.
[11:28:22] <Aria> (Not Ti, regular 1080)
[11:29:09] <Aria> This computer shows the price for the minimum spec, and the specs for the maximum specs
[11:29:32] <Aria> Usually when they show you the max specs, they don't show a price, or the opposite, only a price
[11:29:53] <Aria> But here they are clearly trying to trick you with a large font price tag, and "up to" specs next to it
[11:30:05] <Aria> You need to hit the buy button to see the actual price
[11:31:16] <Aria> The one that comes with a 1080 takes 12 days to ship...
[11:31:35] <Aria> Because they build them to order (and only come into work every 12 days I guess.)
[11:35:58] <Bronz|work> Hmm =/
[12:29:03] <Aria> Apsup, did you hear Ubuntu is moving to Gnome?
[12:29:06] <Aria> Isn't that insane?
[12:30:41] <Apsup> I saw a mention of it. Haven't used much linux in ages, so not sure how insane that decision really is.
[12:32:09] <Aria> They've spent millions on making a competitor, and making a bunch of technology to further support that competing product
[12:32:27] <Aria> Also the competing product is really good. Not as good, but still a lot better than some alternatives
[12:32:50] <Aria> It's also the main thing that sets them apart on the desktop
[12:33:34] <Aria> Also, necessary for the phone to work. I mean, the phone hasn't worked. But still
[12:33:50] <Aria> Their phone product is competent, even if it doesn't have any users
[12:34:18] <Aria> It's not a bad business move, but it still means a lot of money invested into something that has been discontinued
[12:34:49] <Aria> Well, there are still some people working on Unity
[13:03:42] <Bronz|work> It'd be as crazy as Nintendo saying "Eh, console are over-rated. We'll publish console games on Xbox/Playstation, and we'll make handheld games for our handheld".
[13:04:37] <Aria> Wii U sold poorly. Ubuntu has not sold poorly since the switch to Unity
[13:04:42] <Aria> Ubuntu has done better in fact
[13:05:19] <Aria> Their phone plans didn't work out, but that seems more like a reason to change focus within Unity, not to drop Unity
[13:05:35] <Aria> Also why would they focus on phones!?!
[13:05:41] <Aria> Clearly the money is in tablets
[13:05:47] <Aria> Or was, anyway
[13:06:45] <Aria> Nobody is going to buy your weird phone. They'll buy your weird tablet, and then eventually people are like "Oh I have X on my tablet" or "Y has X on his tablet" and then the phones make more sense
[13:07:22] <Bronz|work> I dunno, it's the same level of crazyness, I think. Even if the situation is different.
[13:07:30] <Aria> Microsoft knows, because they actually try to make money. Though maybe that's not fair, because Microsoft's strategy seems to be "Try everything, keep what works"
[13:47:51] <Aria> Apsup, are you big on superhero comics?
[13:48:22] <Apsup> Big no. I sometimes read some, but don't follow anything activelly.
[13:49:29] <Aria> So if I asked you to tell me a few things in history that have been reconned to be because of something Batman did, you wouldn't know?
[13:49:32] <Apsup> *Big? No. The no isn't big.
[13:49:45] <Apsup> nope
[14:01:31] <Bronz|work> Hey Aria, can you do a clean of the kitchen before I come home?
[14:05:22] <Aria> Psh, like I haven't already
[14:08:22] <Bronz|work> Oh cool!
[14:08:25] <Bronz|work> Thanks Aria
[14:08:41] <Bronz|work> A.k.a. the guy who is definetly not cleaning a kitchen right now!
[14:10:04] <Aria> Nope, if I was, I wouldn't be able to confirm that I wasn't.
[14:10:19] <Bronz|work> That's true.
[14:10:24] <Bronz|work> Got me there!
[14:12:03] <Aria> That's me!
[14:12:05] <Aria> The getter!
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