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[01:02:31] <Apsup> How long until it gets taken down?
[01:02:41] <Apsup> :^)
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[10:01:50] <Aria> Hello
[10:01:58] <Aria> There are other Star Wars fanedits on YouTube
[10:02:14] <Aria> Including one I recommend you watch called "Backstroke of the West Fandub".
[10:02:31] <Aria> So I'm hoping they just don't remove that stuff
[10:02:55] <Aria> I know Lucasfilm when they owned the rights liked the idea of derivative works. Harder now with Disney
[10:03:07] <Aria> Also, I let the thing upload over night and it's not anywhere near done
[10:03:13] <Aria> Also fuck subtiling programs holy shit
[10:05:50] <Aria> This video is pretty good https://youtu.be
[10:06:57] <Aria> I liked the wrong timecode. The good stuff is at 1:17
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[16:33:07] <Aria> Remember how I said the copyright thing wouldn't be a problem? Turns out its a problem.
[16:33:41] <Aria> But its only two minutes of the video that are problematic, so now I'm wondering if I should remove that bit and try again
[16:34:26] <Aria> Also the video quality didn't turn out great even though the video is 88GB. So next time I'm just compressing the hell out of it.
[17:43:23] <Apsup> 88GB? How? What?
[17:43:36] <Aria> Lossless
[19:45:22] <Aria> Hey Apsup, even though the video is blocked by YouTube because of copyrights, it looks like you can still watch it with direct link.
[19:45:39] <Apsup> Are you sure it's not just for you.
[19:45:43] <Apsup> Or something like that.
[19:45:46] <Aria> The 1080p version doesn't have any sound. But if you want I can send you the low quality version
[19:45:51] <Aria> Oh maybe
[19:45:57] <Aria> Try downloading this https://r2---sn-5hnedn7z.c.youtube.com
[19:45:57] <Aria> equiressl=yes&mime=video/mp4&signature=44B9363D7FD7F25E2EBD5A05BC640DBF0584BA47.31DD8B1424E1A2541DA6DF39A2E267229AECC5F8&upn=9KfZfIik380&gcr=ie&expire=1485740388&title=Star%20Wars%20Episode%20III%20-%20Stoic%20Jedi%20Cut&redirect_counter=1&cm2rm=sn-q0cd7z&req_id=b1220e871a44a3ee&cms_redirect=yes&mm=34&mn=sn-5hnedn7z&ms=ltu&mt=1485718705&mv=m&nh=IgpwcjAzLmxocjE0KgkxMjcuMC4wLjE
[19:46:14] <Aria> You need to combine those two IRC messages. The entire link didn't fit.
[19:47:01] <Apsup> Nope. No authorization to view this page.
[19:47:24] <Aria> Didn't expect that. It works in private browsing for me you see
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