#geeknights | Logs for 2016-11-30

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[08:27:55] <Bronz|work> Hi Apsup.
[08:28:09] <Apsup> Morning!
[08:29:12] <Bronz|work> Doing well, today?
[08:29:30] <Apsup> Just woke up, so I haven't really assessed today's quality yet.
[08:29:35] <Apsup> Let's wait a bit and see.
[08:29:55] <Bronz|work> Ah, smart.
[08:30:12] <Bronz|work> I've been up for a couple of hours already.
[08:30:18] <Bronz|work> So far, it's been fine.
[08:30:33] <Apsup> It's December soon.
[08:32:21] <Bronz|work> The christmas decorations haven't escaped me.
[09:38:37] <Bronz|work> I shouldn't ahve skipped the oppertunity to grab breakfast.
[09:38:54] <Bronz|work> I had sandwiches with me, and I thought they would tide me over to lunch, but I don't think they were enough.
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[09:54:24] <Bronz|work> Hello MrBRAD
[09:54:41] <MrBRAD> hi Bronz|work
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[10:11:42] <Apsup> My usual breakfast is a sandwich.
[10:12:57] <MrBRAD> you're mad, that's lunchtime food!
[10:13:03] <MrBRAD> out of control!
[10:14:11] <Apsup> Well, it's not proper sandwich really. It's bread with stuff on top. But sometimes I lay two of the breads together and form a sandwich.
[10:14:36] <Apsup> It's trivial to make with zero effort so it's perfect food for morning when you are still tired and don't want to deal with making something edible.
[10:15:10] <MrBRAD> it's totally what I had for breakfast this morning too
[10:16:11] <Bronz|work> Ah, open-faced sandwich.
[10:16:29] <MrBRAD> never not slap things on bread and stuff in eathole
[11:02:45] <Bronz|work> It's almost lunch time for me.
[11:02:47] <Bronz|work> Can't wait.
[12:34:08] <Apsup> Youtube can't count. It was like "you have 8 new videos in your subscriptions". There was 2 new videos.
[12:34:32] <Bronz|work> Yeah, youtube is a little inconsistent sometimes.
[12:34:47] <Bronz|work> Oftentimes it'll tell me my favourite youtube uploaded something new, but then there's nothing there.
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[14:33:00] <Aria> Man my body is stupid
[14:33:12] <Aria> Why won't you just sleep?
[14:36:18] <Bronz|work> Get a better body.
[14:36:23] <Bronz|work> Did you get any sleep today?
[14:36:59] <Aria> What do you mean?
[14:37:03] <Aria> I slept until now
[14:37:13] <Aria> I was asleep when you left, wasn't I?
[14:37:24] <Bronz|work> Well, I woke you up by leaving.
[14:37:25] <Bronz|work> But yeah.
[14:37:38] <Bronz|work> I thought maybe you had a bad sleep, waking up occasionally?
[14:37:46] <Bronz|work> (since you complained first thing)
[14:38:06] <Aria> I complained first thing because it's completely unreasonable I couldn't fall asleep easily
[14:50:58] <Aria> This boob armor is alright https://www.artstation.com
[14:51:44] <Aria> I mean, it still has the problem of potentially killing you, but the inner edge seems to be pretty sharp, so the funnel area is smaller
[14:52:00] <Aria> But yknow, not defending the defensive properties, I just think it looks alright, is all
[14:52:26] <Bronz|work> agreed
[15:21:59] <Apsup> Hi Aria.
[15:27:11] <Aria> Hi
[15:27:36] <Apsup> You woke up while I wasn't around. Which is pretty late.
[15:27:40] <Apsup> Sleep better.
[15:27:47] <Bronz|work> ^
[15:27:47] <Aria> Yes I should
[15:27:54] <Bronz|work> You should wrap around on your sleep.
[15:27:58] <Bronz|work> Just sleep even later
[15:33:42] <Aria> So Apsup, let me tell you about my stupid sleep adventure
[15:33:49] <Aria> I slept like 5 every day
[15:34:03] <Aria> 2 days ago I ended up staying up until 13
[15:34:20] <Aria> Got woken up at 16 when Bronz|work came home
[15:35:06] <Aria> Was super tired, dying, super tired, stayed up until 24 because that's how long he wanted to stay up. Went to bed. Layed awake until 5 while still tired and mirable, fell asleep at 5 woke up 14
[15:35:30] <Apsup> your body is dumb.
[15:35:43] <Aria> So my body just insists I need to sleep at five, even though I want to sleep at like 23
[15:35:55] <Aria> I agree
[15:36:41] <Apsup> My throat is sore. Has been the whole day.
[15:36:43] <Apsup> blash
[15:36:48] <Apsup> *blah
[15:36:49] <Aria> Hot tea!
[15:37:31] <Aria> Or hot chocolate, thats also good
[15:37:50] <Aria> Huh, Netflix well get offline mode? That's strange
[16:05:31] <MrBRAD> yesssss, finally definite 1080p on this australian shitternet
[16:05:49] <MrBRAD> without the workarounds
[16:08:46] <Aria> What workarounds are you currently using?
[16:22:55] <MrBRAD> there's some shitty menu with a hotkey i forgot
[16:23:27] <MrBRAD> and every google search for it brings up something that doesnt work
[16:24:13] <MrBRAD> 3 button hotkey, I totally don't remember anymore
[16:24:50] <MrBRAD> you can deselect the lower sizes and it'll freeze and buffer until the 1080p or whatever you have selected is properly ready
[17:31:14] <Apsup> I played the demo for the new pokemon.
[17:31:38] <Apsup> I have to keep reminding myself that I don't care about pokemon and every time I've played any lately I've gotten bored with it way too fast.
[17:34:09] <Aria> But..
[17:34:13] <Aria> If you have to keep reminding
[17:34:14] <Aria> Oh ok
[17:34:15] <Aria> I get it
[17:34:38] <Aria> Alex on the bombcast said that modelling a mug Maya is impossible. A mug takes like a minute
[17:34:56] <Aria> Like, ignoring how good you are at modelling, mugs are such simple shapes
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