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[22:47:01] <Aria> So, to get audio out of my computer into headphones, I have a have in my hub a USB bluetooth dongle and a USB powered bluetooth handsfree with jack in, and my headphones connected to that. It's pretty dumb.
[23:04:38] <Apsup> that does sound dumb
[23:43:04] <Aria> The thing is
[23:43:42] <Aria> I've got HDMI accross the room into a TV with no headphones out
[23:44:03] <Aria> I do have a AV with headphone out, but Bronz|work is using that with the WiiU
[23:45:09] <Aria> But I also have a USB hub connected to my computer near the TVs
[23:45:44] <Aria> I would actually prefer running a jack from my computer accross the room for headphones, I do have plenty of audio extention cords, but jack out on the computer isn't working =P