#geeknights | Logs for 2016-10-25

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[05:39:39] <Aria> Morning
[05:39:49] <Aria> I want to watch this sports anime. I don't even know what sport its about
[05:40:38] <Aria> Cheer leading
[05:41:19] <Aria> (Trailer https://youtu.be)
[05:46:52] <Aria> I feel like this Shining Force game is reusing animations from all sorts of places that are not available to Sega =P
[05:58:30] <Bronz|work> Hello!
[05:58:38] <Aria> Hi
[05:59:31] <Aria> I kinda want to follow Peter Moore, but he only ever tweets about football and EA games
[05:59:51] <Aria> Not as in, about EA games, but telling you that a new EA game is coming out real soon
[06:00:22] <Bronz|work> So he's basically another PR account?
[06:00:41] <Aria> Exactly. The football comments seem to be his own though
[06:02:13] <Aria> Why are your animations bad, Fifa!? https://media.easports.com
[06:04:09] <Bronz|work> ...
[06:04:20] <Bronz|work> That's a lot of cameras
[06:04:25] <Aria> Yes, yes it is
[06:08:14] <Aria> Those cameras are like 1500 per
[06:26:52] <Bronz|work> We have a new Norwegian guy here.
[06:27:07] <Aria> How is he?
[06:27:25] <Bronz|work> I dunno, the only interaction I have with him is him walking past.
[06:27:37] <Aria> Fair enough
[06:27:42] <Bronz|work> He looks stereotypically 'nerdy' though, if that helps you imagine him?
[06:29:16] <Aria> Sure
[06:48:05] <Bronz|work> I'll go say hi in a bit.
[09:38:52] <Aria> Hey Walter, the curtains by the computers
[09:39:04] <Aria> The one spot that was plastered is bulging out. Is that new?
[09:39:26] <Aria> I thought the screw was loose, but no, screw is fine, the plaster is just sagging
[09:56:56] <Bronz|work> It was always buldging a little.
[09:57:01] <Bronz|work> Is it actually sagging?
[10:13:57] <Aria> Not a lot
[10:24:59] <Aria> https://youtu.be
[10:34:42] <Bronz|work> Is that directed at me?
[10:34:53] <Bronz|work> I have a hard time viewing youtubes at work.
[10:35:19] <Aria> I see, alright
[10:35:24] <Aria> It was either you or Apsup
[10:35:50] <Bronz|work> I mean, if it's worth it, I can go through the motions to view it.
[10:36:11] <Aria> No it's okay.
[10:36:58] <Aria> Also, Vitas made a album in 2009 where the blurb says he tediously choose each note to be the strongest it could be
[10:37:36] <Bronz|work> Vitas is cool
[10:37:53] <Aria> I want to know how much Vitas music costs
[10:39:33] <Bronz|work> Only your soul
[10:39:42] <Bronz|work> But y'know, that's fine, because he'll be gentle with it.
[10:42:57] <Aria> Ok I'll not link another video. But I want to. So instead I'll explain it
[10:43:30] <Bronz|work> If you send me a skype message, I can watch it on my phone easily.
[10:43:52] <Aria> I'm watching a video of of a concert he had in China, and it's Vitas singing some, then it zooms into a random person in the audience who is either amazed mouth agape or crying
[10:43:59] <Aria> And it does this like four times in a row
[10:44:37] <Aria> I also found one video that is actually sharp! Its from like a month ago
[10:44:41] <Aria> He has hair now
[10:45:15] <Aria> And he's a bit chubby, you would never guess it's Vitas, he looks like Christopher Walken
[11:05:13] <Bronz|work> ...
[11:05:22] <Bronz|work> Still wearing the skin-tight silver suit?
[11:06:37] <Aria> Tuxedo
[11:13:30] <Aria> This new MD is kinda sluggish
[11:46:50] <Bronz|work> How so?
[12:08:50] <Aria> I don't know, I didn't make it. I guess its got heavier settings
[13:32:01] <Aria> Does Levi wear shoes?
[13:32:10] <Aria> I'm modelling her dress now
[13:40:06] <Bronz|work> Hmm, I think so? May just sandals?
[13:41:00] <Aria> Sadals and paws?
[13:41:39] <Bronz|work> Yeah, why not?
[13:41:57] <Aria> Looks strange in my head
[13:46:11] <Bronz|work> I suppose it might
[14:03:13] <Aria> Ok this dress is starting to look good, but now I feel really weird about how she doesn't have underwear. I mean, you only ever get that camera angle in editor, but still
[14:13:26] <Bronz|work> Hmm, if she's ever sitting down, you'd see it right?
[14:13:32] <Bronz|work> Can you quickly give her some undies?
[14:14:28] <Aria> I mean, I can, and I will later, but because of the cloth physics and everything, it'll be a lot of effort at this point
[14:14:47] <Aria> Also her one arm is clipping and I can't for the life of me get it unstuck
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[16:06:32] <Bronzdragon> Hello.
[16:06:54] <Apsup> hi
[16:07:51] <Bronzdragon> How do you do?
[16:10:42] <Apsup> mostly fine. Trying to figure out why this thing doesn't show äs adn ös correctly on other server.
[16:11:42] <Apsup> changing encoding from server settings doesn't seem to work.
[16:12:32] <Bronzdragon> Hmm, maybe they get re-encoded before getting to those servers?
[16:13:37] <Apsup> It could also be the other people. That's also a thing, because everything sucks.
[16:14:13] <Bronzdragon> Possibly.
[17:27:33] <Aria> Hey Apsup, do you wanna see my bunny character concept art?
[17:28:07] <Apsup> Sure. But I've been playing Odin Sphere lately so my bar for bunny characters is pretty high.
[17:28:39] <Aria> Oh um.. Its not gonna be as good as the professional shit in Odin's Sphere
[17:28:47] <Aria> But I'm proud of what I have so far http://i.imgur.com
[17:28:56] <Bronzdragon> I like it a lot.
[17:29:05] <Apsup> it's ears look kinda sad.
[17:29:24] <Apsup> I like the costume.
[17:30:00] <Aria> Sad as in terrible, or sad as in is a sad person
[17:30:52] <Apsup> little bit both. I feel like the way they come off from that bald head looks off.
[17:31:28] <Aria> I'm gonna add hair at some point
[17:31:52] <Aria> On the fur pass. But I'm still figuring out the outfit
[18:08:43] <Aria> Eagle Flight, that Ubisoft VR game is out
[18:08:54] <Aria> Looks great, I wanna try it
[18:09:22] <Aria> 40 euro? But it has one feature!
[18:09:41] <Apsup> Welcome to VR.
[18:09:51] <Aria> It doesn't even have a story mode
[18:09:52] <Apsup> Or more exactly, welcome to early adopter CR.
[18:09:55] <Apsup> *VR
[18:10:20] <Aria> I mean, the alternative is no VR
[18:10:33] <Aria> And this looks dope, I wanna be an eagle!
[18:10:52] <Aria> >.> The Oculus store version is through Uplay
[18:10:55] <Aria> That's garbage
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