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[14:20:53] <Aria> Hi
[15:20:51] <Aria> Apsup, I need an existing famous deity to map my centaur character onto
[15:21:06] <Apsup> Wikipedia?
[15:21:42] <Aria> There is no list of cool gods accross lores. I would have to click on every lore page seperate
[15:22:02] <Apsup> Well, I'm not doing that for you.
[16:03:45] <Aria> Ok so I didn't pick a famous name, what I did instead is given him a in-universe custom letter that shows up in the text boxes
[16:04:19] <Aria> Is that effective for communicating being a big deal within the finction?
[16:04:30] <Aria> fiction
[16:05:18] <Apsup> That sounds stupid.
[16:15:34] <Aria> You're stupid!
[16:18:22] <Apsup> Don't try to be overly clever or original in everything. Often simplicity is both easier and better for the experiencer.
[16:24:50] <Aria> Ok so here is the thing
[16:25:05] <Aria> In your party, you have the in universe god of the world. He's a big deal.
[16:25:43] <Aria> You also have a character who is INSPIRED by Lucifer, and named after Lucifer. He is a big deal in human-scale, but not as big deal as litteral god
[16:26:05] <Aria> However, the player will recognize Lucifer from outside, which is fine, I want that, but because of that assume he is bigger deal than litteral god
[16:26:24] <Aria> Which I don't want. To counteract this, I was gonna give him a equally recognizable name from pop culture
[16:26:29] <Aria> Like Odin or whatever
[16:26:34] <Aria> But I couldn't find one I liked
[16:27:47] <Apsup> Lower your standards.
[17:25:21] <Aria> Ok I now have a plot
[17:26:06] <Aria> But am anxious I'm forgetting something
[17:26:19] <Aria> Or that you can sequence break/there is a plot hole
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[18:47:32] <Bronzdragon> Hello!
[18:48:19] <Bronzdragon> I see you're reading this.
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[23:20:10] <Aria> Oh yeah also Lucifer is plot critical now
[23:20:31] <Aria> You asked why you hang out with him if he's an asshole