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[09:27:32] <Bronz|work> Hello again, Apsup!
[09:27:43] <Apsup> Hallohallo. Morning
[09:27:53] <Bronz|work> It's nice and quiet here at work.
[09:30:45] <Apsup> So your workmates never returned from their lunch?
[09:31:25] <Bronz|work> Maybe the apocolypse is happening, because there doesn't seem to be very many customers calling in.
[09:31:46] <Apsup> That would be no good.
[09:31:47] <Bronz|work> And the one I did speak to seemed kinda stressed.
[09:31:55] <Apsup> It would affect me too. Maybe.
[09:32:11] <Bronz|work> Maybe.
[09:35:35] <Bronz|work> So I played that Dragon Quest Builders demo. Now I want more Dragon Quest builders
[09:35:46] <Bronz|work> It comes out soon (Oct 14, it says), but that's like, a week away!
[09:37:04] <Apsup> That soon? I've heard about the game in passing, but didn't realize it's that soon.
[09:37:07] <Apsup> coming out.
[09:37:22] <Apsup> Probably won't get it at launch. Maybe later.
[09:40:29] <Bronz|work> Yeah. It's already out in Japan, also.
[12:07:08] <Bronz|work> Ok, so I was confused about DQ Builders's PS3 version.
[12:07:16] <Bronz|work> Apperantly, it has one, but that one isnt' coming out in the west.
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[12:33:33] <Aria> Hi
[12:33:35] <Aria> Im still up
[12:33:47] <Aria> Im thinking of going to bed now, but figured I would stop by to say hi
[12:43:38] <Apsup> still?
[12:43:43] <Apsup> Sure, take a nap.
[12:44:06] <Apsup> Though it's best to avoid long sleep now. Take a nap and then go to sleep at proper time.
[12:44:17] <Aria> I don't.. think I could do that
[12:44:28] <Aria> Hrm actually I will try that
[12:44:35] <Aria> Ill stay up another however long
[12:44:44] <Aria> And then take a short nap
[12:44:51] <Aria> Is it friday?
[12:47:54] <Apsup> no. Thursday.
[12:48:28] <Aria> >=/
[12:55:01] <Aria> Did you try more Kamen Rider?
[12:55:25] <Apsup> I have watched some of W, but not that much. Been watching other anime stuffs lately.
[12:55:37] <Aria> Enjoying W?
[12:55:46] <Apsup> Sure.
[12:57:22] <Aria> The new one in doctors and video game themed
[12:57:27] <Apsup> I know.
[12:57:31] <Aria> Is cool
[12:57:33] <Apsup> I saw a trailer.
[13:04:54] <Aria> Why isn't the new iphone 3D? People are complaining about lack of gimmick
[13:05:12] <Aria> Android has mobile shitty VR
[13:05:19] <Bronz|work> Hi Aria!
[13:05:22] <Aria> Hi
[13:09:00] <Bronz|work> W is cool, because you get twice the amount of Kamen rider per kamen rider
[13:09:13] <Bronz|work> Actually, nevermind, you get 2x the bad actors per kamen rider, which is the opposite.
[13:10:51] <Aria> You should watch Ryuuki
[13:10:54] <Aria> 12 riders
[13:11:46] <Bronz|work> I think OoO is a better starting point for Kamen Rider
[13:12:09] <Bronz|work> Partially because the name clues you in on how dumb Kamen Rider is
[13:12:22] <Aria> More so than W?
[13:12:39] <Bronz|work> Well, W is pronounced "Double-U", which is fine.
[13:12:40] <Aria> W is clearly not how you spell W!
[13:12:55] <Aria> Yes, but Kamen Rider W is not Double U
[13:13:35] <Bronz|work> Well, I mean, it's not as dumb as "ohs"
[13:15:00] <Aria> They're gonna make Kamen Rider ∀ and it's going to be read "Kamen Rider Ta", yknow, the first half of "Turn A" (ターン A)
[13:15:44] <Aria> Also they've already done the OOO thing with 555
[13:15:56] <Aria> I think DCD is the best naming wise
[13:16:18] <Bronz|work> Fize is more dumb though
[13:16:27] <Bronz|work> Because it's not even fives, it's FIZE!
[13:16:39] <Aria> Because DCD does not spell Decade, and Decade is already a word that means the thing you're saying your made up word means
[13:18:12] <Aria> (For the record, ディケイド is a much cooler word than the decade)
[13:21:37] <Aria> Kabuto is cool. It has cool effects
[13:33:11] <Bronz|work> So you decided to stay up?
[13:33:36] <Aria> I decided I want to have only a short nap
[13:34:11] <Aria> How is lbs read as pound?
[13:34:39] <Aria> lbs clearly spell "lubus"
[13:35:30] <Bronz|work> Lb stads for Libra
[13:35:39] <Bronz|work> It's a unit of weight used by the ancient romans
[13:36:33] <Bronz|work> When they conquered Great Brittain, the very simular weight "pound", was made identical.
[13:36:54] <Aria> So the s is not required?
[13:36:59] <Bronz|work> So they are synonyms. Pound was used in speach, and lb was used in official writing.
[13:37:00] <Aria> s is just multiple?
[13:37:11] <Bronz|work> one Lb, two Lbs
[13:37:18] <Aria> I see
[13:37:51] <Aria> That makes sense, thats cool
[13:51:09] <Aria> Apreche: Why do you have a dedicated HTPC instead of just having a cable going out of your regular PC?
[13:52:16] <Aria> Also why do you not have a 4K TV? There is a reason to have them. Locally rendered content is already 4K, you're playing games on your TV, what are you waiting for?
[13:55:52] <Aria> Also, people can pirate Windows
[14:13:31] <Apsup> I don't think Scott pays any attention to this. Also I feel that amount of 4k content is still small enough that there is no rush for getting 4k screens.
[14:13:42] <Apsup> Longer you wait the better quality and lower the price will be.
[14:19:32] <Aria> But every DX11 game and most DX9 games are 4K if you ask them to be
[14:19:46] <Aria> So you have all the content already
[14:20:06] <Aria> Of course price will go down, but scott is Mr Early Adaptor always bragging about how much money he has
[14:20:39] <Aria> Why not buy the nice thing that has consumer level pricing and is hassle free?
[14:20:56] <Apsup> Does he. I always though him as super stingy.
[14:21:12] <Apsup> Well, I think he might be bit of both.
[14:22:09] <Aria> I mean, yes, he is super stingy, but also braggy. The early adaptor part I made up based on what I imagine people with real jobs who are into tech are like
[14:45:57] <Aria> The Oculus Touch is $200?
[14:48:07] <Aria> How big is Astoria? Austin also lives there
[14:48:25] <Aria> I thought it was like, the street Apreche lives on
[14:48:58] <Bronz|work> Only $200?
[14:49:13] <Aria> Only? I dunno, I was expecting slightly less
[14:49:14] <Aria> Like 150
[14:49:52] <Aria> Alright, so Astoria is like 200 buildings
[14:50:27] <Apsup> That's a quite a few buildings.
[14:50:43] <Aria> Maybe not quite so many
[14:51:41] <Bronz|work> Meanwhile, the Vive is £800
[14:51:56] <Aria> ...But that comes with a headset.
[14:52:08] <Aria> Oculus was 800 without the Touch
[14:53:40] <Bronz|work> Yup.
[14:53:44] <Bronz|work> That's true.
[14:54:04] <Bronz|work> I was saying that the Vive is reasonably priced compared to the Oculus.
[14:54:19] <Aria> Yes
[14:54:34] <Aria> Wanna get a Vive?
[14:55:07] <Aria> So there is a bunch of Vive exclusive games. They don't seem to force that, so whatever, lets not count it
[14:55:18] <Aria> But PlayStation is going after exclusives
[14:55:25] <Aria> And so is Oculus
[14:55:42] <Aria> VR headsets are expensive. I can't afford to buy all three
[14:55:49] <Aria> And also upgrade every so often, all three
[14:56:13] <Aria> Like, it doesn't seem like the market can support three headsets with different content
[14:56:18] <Apsup> By the time you have to upgrade, the winners and losers are probably more clear and you can decide which to not upgrade.
[14:57:13] <Aria> I mean, that is only in the case of PSVR dying out, which IMO is a very bad thing to happen for VR as a whole
[14:57:27] <Aria> Otherwise, of course the winner is PSVR. But I also want to play on PC
[14:57:43] <Aria> For console, you don't need a seperate TV for your console and TV
[14:57:49] <Aria> I guess some people do that
[14:57:54] <Aria> And we do have dedicated PC monitors
[14:58:13] <Aria> But all our monitors together are probably less than 1000 euro, right?
[14:58:28] <Aria> Less than 2000 euro, less than the TV
[15:00:56] <Aria> Anyway, it shouldn't be the way it currently is. There should be like 5 headsets, and they all have their own pros and cons, but they should have nothing to do with the content
[15:01:45] <Aria> I bet PSVR is going to get hacked to work with PC
[15:16:33] <Aria> Right, imma lay in bed for an hour
[15:16:35] <Aria> See you later
[15:16:50] <Bronz|work> Bye.
[15:16:54] <Bronz|work> Enjoy
[15:17:02] <Aria> Maybe order tesco?
[15:18:39] <Bronz|work> Ok.
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[17:26:10] <Bronzdragon> Hello.
[18:41:39] <Aria> You need to buy a seperate camera for touch. It's 200 + 80, not just 200
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