#geeknights | Logs for 2016-10-05

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[08:38:32] <Bronz|work> Hi Apsup.
[08:39:54] <Apsup> Morning.
[10:35:30] <Bronz|work> How goes?
[10:40:43] <Apsup> Normal.
[10:43:52] <Bronz|work> Normal is good, I suppose.
[10:44:11] <Bronz|work> I'm quite hungry, waiting for other people to come back from lunch before I can go.
[10:44:36] <Apsup> What if they never return?
[10:45:13] <Bronz|work> I mean... they wouldn't be working here anymore?
[10:45:16] <Bronz|work> And I'd starve?
[11:21:01] <Apsup> Why can't people make good podcast apps for PC?
[11:21:21] <Bronz|work> I don't know.
[11:21:41] <Apsup> iTunes works, but sometimes it just forgets how long I've listened and sometimes it suddently skips to the next episode mid-listening.
[11:21:51] <Apsup> There are good apps for phones, probably multiple.
[11:22:28] <Apsup> It's not like I need lots of features. Just list the podcasts and remember where I left off when I quit the program.
[11:22:34] <Bronz|work> My problem with itunes was that I couldn't get it not to sync to my iPod.
[11:22:39] <Apsup> Speed-up feature would be nice bonus.
[11:22:55] <Bronz|work> Use an android emulator?
[11:23:01] <Bronz|work> It has plenty of podcast apps.
[11:23:38] <Apsup> I was thinking even that. I wonder, if that would actually be the optimal solution.
[11:23:49] <Apsup> Use good android podcast app through emulator.
[11:23:53] <Apsup> Sounds silly.
[11:24:41] <Bronz|work> Yeah...
[12:16:17] <Apsup> There is Giantbomb stream of Playstation VR stuff.
[12:16:24] <Apsup> Time to see the future.
[12:17:24] <Bronz|work> o_O
[12:17:29] <Bronz|work> I wish I could see, but I'm at work.
[12:17:35] <Bronz|work> They probably look down on that sort of stuff.
[12:17:43] <Apsup> I so assume.
[13:05:19] <Apsup> Apparently PSVR is not very good.
[13:16:52] <Bronz|work> Oh, that's a shame.
[13:16:55] <Bronz|work> I want it to be good.
[13:17:06] <Bronz|work> Software wise or hardware wise?
[13:20:59] <Apsup> Not sure, but apparenlty it's kinda stuttery and even people who haven't gotten nausia from VR before or usually report getting it.
[14:05:28] <Bronz|work> I wish Aria was here, instead of sleeping.
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[14:24:23] <Aria> Morning
[14:25:30] <Apsup> afternoon
[14:26:48] <Aria> I overslept
[14:28:36] <Bronz|work> Hi.
[14:29:13] <Aria> Jeff is saying PSVR makes you sick real bad
[14:29:43] <Bronz|work> Apsup said that also.
[14:29:56] <Aria> I wasn't here
[14:32:41] <Aria> We kinda wanted to get one
[14:32:54] <Aria> Because itll get software
[14:35:27] <Aria> Apsup: Try Vocal
[14:35:59] <Aria> http://vocalproject.net
[14:40:46] <Bronz|work> Hey, Aria, have you heard about https://voiceattack.com ?
[14:41:00] <Aria> No
[14:41:28] <Bronz|work> Voice commands, apperantly with AI support?
[14:41:30] <Aria> Is there a demo?
[14:41:38] <Aria> A demo video I mean
[14:41:41] <Bronz|work> Like, videogame style Siri/Cortana
[14:41:57] <Aria> This seems sketchy
[14:41:57] <Bronz|work> I read about it for the first time here: https://www.reddit.com
[14:42:45] <Aria> They are advertising pretty impressive functionality, but nowhere do they say that they are a giant company and have spent years on it
[14:42:54] <Aria> And further, they are not targeting the largest audience possible
[14:43:15] <Aria> Which makes me think that not only does it not work, but it'll do bad things to me if I install it on my computer
[14:43:41] <Bronz|work> I'm watching a guy talk about it.
[14:43:52] <Bronz|work> "My voice is pretty accent free, so I didn't need to train it much".
[14:43:53] <Bronz|work> ...
[14:45:20] <Bronz|work> I dunno, seems like its just voice-activated macros
[14:45:23] <Bronz|work> So not really an AI.
[14:45:29] <Aria> Oh.
[14:45:40] <Aria> You can do that with auto hot key
[15:04:10] <Bronz|work> Yeah...
[15:04:22] <Bronz|work> Though people say it's real good when you can say "Open map" and then the map opens?
[15:04:28] <Bronz|work> Oh well.
[15:04:54] <Aria> This will be worth the 8 euro over AHK if I can set up my commands with voice
[15:05:01] <Aria> So I don't need to alt tab
[15:05:45] <Aria> Im looking at the keybindings, and I say "New command, set the phrase "Open map" to the M key when in this app", and it parases and does that in the background
[15:07:07] <Bronz|work> Parses?
[15:07:11] <Bronz|work> Also, that sounds cool.
[15:07:34] <Aria> Yes parses, sorry
[15:14:29] <Aria> I couldn't find somewhere to pirate Voice Attack, which further makes me think it'll do shady things on my computer..
[15:16:09] <Aria> Their TOS disallows reverse engineering
[15:17:31] <Aria> It also disallows you for suing them for any purpose
[15:20:57] <Aria> It also phones home a bunch
[15:21:33] <Aria> Also you agree to pay their laywer fees if they ever ask you to? Is that... normal? That can't possibly be enforcable?
[15:23:29] <Aria> >.> When you lauch the software, they give you a pop up asking you to turn off Windows defender
[15:25:08] <Aria> Oh they didn't build their own voice recogniztion. They're using the Vista voice to text stuff
[15:25:25] <Aria> Which is not very good by the way. Cortana is way better
[15:25:34] <Bronz|work> I debugged some powershell just now.
[15:25:35] <Bronz|work> So that's cool
[15:25:41] <Aria> That is cool
[15:29:56] <Aria> Alright, so I played with it a bit. This is would be a good product, but this is a bad implementation of it. If you find a competitor, please let me know
[15:29:58] <Aria> Ideally open source
[15:33:44] <Bronz|work> http://www.omniglot.com
[15:33:50] <Bronz|work> notice those bottom left three?
[15:34:01] <Bronz|work> sj / sk / skj, and their pronounciation?
[15:34:13] <Aria> Aha?
[15:34:21] <Aria> That they are the same?
[15:34:33] <Aria> They are subtly different
[15:35:15] <Bronz|work> Exactly.
[15:35:32] <Bronz|work> Also, notice the V and W?
[15:35:53] <Aria> I feel like pølse i lompe..
[15:36:06] <Aria> We don't use w.
[15:36:17] <Bronz|work> Like, evar?
[15:40:31] <Bronz|work> Why is it in your alphabet then?
[15:48:39] <Bronz|work> Hey Aria?
[15:48:46] <Bronz|work> What do 4 fuud?
[15:51:10] <Aria> Hi
[15:51:11] <Aria> Um
[15:51:25] <Aria> We use in german names
[15:51:34] <Aria> I don't know what to do for food
[15:51:41] <Aria> I scraped some ice out of the freezer
[15:51:44] <Aria> my back and fingers hurt
[15:53:56] <Bronz|work> Too much scraping then, I think.
[15:54:04] <Bronz|work> Maybe we should just de-freeze the freezer.
[15:54:09] <Aria> Im fine now
[15:54:44] <Aria> ANd my fingers hurt from being covered in snow, not from scraping
[15:55:15] <Aria> And my back hurt from the height being super awkward, not the scraping. But yeah, if I didn't scrape for as long it wouldn't have been a problem
[15:57:41] <Aria> Anyway, see you in 15 min
[15:57:49] <Bronz|work> 15?
[15:57:59] <Aria> Yeah, thats how long the bus takes to get here
[15:58:10] <Bronz|work> Hrmm...
[16:09:02] <Aria> This new gundam looks very strange
[16:09:16] <Aria> Iron Blooded Orphans
[16:13:05] <Apsup> I like Iron Blood Orphans.
[16:13:08] <Apsup> What's strange about it?
[16:13:44] <Aria> They use non-laser melee weapons at very high frequency in the trailer I saw
[16:14:10] <Aria> I didn't see any projectile weapons
[16:14:29] <Apsup> There are some guns being used, but they don't do beams.
[16:14:41] <Apsup> And they like their heafty melee weapons.
[16:15:33] <Aria> And none of the people in mechs were mech pilot age or dressed as a mech pilot
[16:15:56] <Apsup> It's about child soldiers. There are some enemies that are adults.
[16:16:08] <Apsup> Also, I think mech pilot uniform in the setting is being topless.
[16:17:02] <Aria> But there was a scene in space, and the guy was wearing a suit
[16:17:18] <Aria> Normally you wear something space proof inside your mech
[16:17:49] <Apsup> They really put trust in their mechs to not break, I guess.
[16:18:07] <Apsup> Also they might use space suits when doing mech stuff in space, are you sure that trailer just didn't cut things oddly.
[16:18:21] <Apsup> Honsly that's the kind of detail I don't remember exactly.
[16:19:04] <Aria> It might've been a different inside and outside shot, but it didn't feel like it
[16:20:17] <Apsup> yup, they def have space suits in space.
[16:20:45] <Aria> Still, they had footage of a guy piloting a mech in a suit
[16:20:55] <Aria> When does that happen?
[16:20:57] <Apsup> Sure, but that's on a planet.
[16:21:26] <Aria> Just doing some after work tank combat?
[16:21:47] <Apsup> Not sure which guy you are talking about. It's ether a dude who likes to dress sharply or just part of the villain faction whom uniforms are kinda stylish overall.
[16:22:36] <Aria> Anyway, Im not hating, Gundam is usually pretty good, Ill give it a shot when its out
[16:22:43] <Aria> All out*
[16:22:48] <Apsup> The first season is out, second just started.
[16:23:14] <Aria> I'm waiting for everything to be on bluray
[16:23:19] <Aria> I saw the second season trailer I believe
[16:23:30] <Apsup> I keep watching it, weekly.
[16:24:11] <Aria> I don't like watching things that way
[16:24:31] <Aria> Either Im hyped to see where it goes, at which point I don't want to wait
[16:24:41] <Aria> Or the show is dull and I forget to check back after a week
[16:30:17] <Aria> So PSVR is out today, yeah? A bunch of games didn't also launch of Oculus, which is worrying
[16:30:41] <Aria> For example I know there is a batman game, but I can't find it on the Oculus store. They are advertising old garbage games on the front page
[16:31:42] <Apsup> Well, the batman game looked like cool toy, but not 20$ worth of cool toy.
[16:32:02] <Aria> I know nothing about it
[16:32:16] <Apsup> I would assume that Sony tried to get as many exclusive deals as possible for their VR thing.
[16:32:17] <Aria> Are you saying you don't think it managed to pass Oculus cert?
[16:32:20] <Aria> That seems very extreme
[16:32:28] <Aria> Ah ok
[16:32:49] <Apsup> I watched the Giantbomb stream partially when they did the Batman thing.
[16:32:58] <Apsup> Apparenlty it's like less than two hours long.
[16:33:07] <Aria> I watched a bit too, but didn't see batman
[16:33:25] <Aria> They were playing... um.. some sort of stacking game
[16:33:29] <Apsup> I think it was the first game.
[16:33:37] <Aria> Multiplayer box stacking
[16:33:38] <Aria> Jenga
[16:34:05] <Apsup> Jenga is opposite of stacking though.
[16:34:15] <Aria> Anti-jenga
[16:44:44] <Aria> Hey Apsup, do you think PS4 Dragon Quest Builders or PS3 Dragon Quest Builders running on emulator is the way to go for best Dragon Quest Builders experience?
[16:50:53] <Apsup> Are PS3 emulators worth anything yet?
[16:51:13] <Apsup> I thought we were still in the "hey, look, a game starts up" -phase of PS3 emulation.
[16:52:22] <Aria> I haven't tried it, but supposedly Afterburner Climax runs full framerate with enhancements at UHD resolution
[16:52:32] <Aria> But the emulator I think was specifically made for that game
[16:54:51] <Apsup> Well, I don't know anything about that.
[16:55:47] <Apsup> Also, I'm one episode away from finishing Konosuba. Watched it all, but still don't think it is as good as people seem to treat it.
[16:56:57] <Aria> I was gonna give that show a shot
[17:00:49] <Apsup> Feel free. I felt that as a comedy, it missed it's mark way too often.
[17:04:19] <Aria> Have you heard of Urban Empire?
[17:04:21] <Aria> Its Finnish
[17:04:28] <Aria> Or at least everyone in this trailer in Finnish
[17:04:48] <Apsup> nope
[17:04:58] <Aria> Alright
[19:20:57] <Aria> Is there a dark souls level creator?
[20:18:28] <Apsup> I don't think so.
[20:32:48] <Aria> I want 30 player Dark Souls
[20:32:53] <Aria> Thats run based
[20:33:13] <Aria> Regular intervals new runs begin. Every 15m or 30m or whatever
[20:33:26] <Aria> So you can't play whenever, you play based on the clock
[20:34:16] <Aria> Radomized dungeon with loot, every group gets the same dungeon
[20:35:38] <Aria> Put in a bunch of incentives to screw over your friends, such as only the first person to open a chest gets anything, but also make it such that you get combat buffs by being alone, so when everybody runs off and does their own thing you all die
[20:36:10] <Aria> Also full friendly damage
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[20:36:45] <Bronzdragon> Hello!
[20:42:53] <Apsup> Hello. It's late.
[20:43:05] <Bronzdragon> I know.
[20:46:07] <Aria> Did you read my souls like pitch?
[21:47:32] <Apsup> i missed it, read it soon
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[22:04:20] <Apsup> eh.
[22:04:48] <Apsup> I feel that kind of co-op but with pvp mix things are hard to make actually fun.
[22:04:58] <Apsup> Otherwise there would be some good examples already.
[22:05:49] <Apsup> Also 30 player Dark Souls sounds generally horrible idea. Dark souls is best with small amount of actors at one moment. 1v1 is the optimal.
[22:06:19] <Apsup> Oh, also "randomized dungeon with loot". Nope nope and I'm out.
[22:16:13] <Aria> Dark Souls is coop with some pvp though? And uh, I meant a PvE design.
[22:16:38] <Aria> Many of the players would not contribute to fights, and generally when you are, you are fighting your own enemy, or teaming up with one or two team mates
[22:16:42] <Apsup> Sure, but they are distinct. Generally you know if you are going to pvp or co-op with people you play with.
[22:17:23] <Aria> The idea is to make it feel like you are one of a squad. So you're on standby, helping where you can, but more importantly, trying your best not to hit your friends
[22:17:56] <Apsup> I assumed friendly damage and competition meant PvP. Now that sounds just silly.
[22:18:17] <Apsup> "I'm playing this Dark Souls like game where my job is to stand here and stay out of the way".
[22:18:26] <Aria> Exactly!
[22:18:38] <Apsup> And that is a good idea, how?
[22:19:17] <Aria> I think it'll be fun..
[22:20:03] <Aria> You do support things, such as you can cling to people with shields and spear over their shoulder and things
[22:21:48] <Aria> See, every player gets to fight often, the way you do it, the main corridor is hard, you progress as a group slowly, but every so often, the group splits up and explores/cleans out all the small split paths they recently skipped.
[22:25:40] <Apsup> eh
[22:27:09] <Aria> Might also work well in VR with motion controllers, because then you can wedge your spear between/around people with analogue control
[22:27:44] <Apsup> You can just build a bunch of foam weapons and go actually do that outside.
[22:28:17] <Aria> I mean, people do that. But getting monsters to punch of 30 people at a whim is hard
[22:29:01] <Aria> and* not "of"
[22:29:30] <Apsup> Yea, but then you can have 30 people against 30 people, which is more fun that AI monsters.
[22:55:20] <Apsup> Youtube has started to act up on me. Restarting Firefox tends to help, but it's still bothersome.
[22:55:45] <Aria> For me it breaks my nvidia driver in a way no video game can
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