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[09:14:05] <Bronz|work> Hello.
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[13:17:55] <Aria> The alarms did nothing!
[13:18:02] <Bronz|work> ...
[13:18:07] <Bronz|work> You suck.
[13:18:10] <Bronz|work> =)
[13:20:35] <Aria> Yeah.
[13:21:55] <Apsup> Alarms go wiiuuwiiuuwiiuu.
[13:22:43] <Aria> I should rig a system where my WiiU turns on and starts a match of splatoon or something
[13:23:05] <Apsup> Then you wake up and realize that you have lost ten matches.
[13:23:21] <Aria> WiiU has like a wireless display
[13:23:24] <Aria> So you can play in bed
[13:23:40] <Apsup> You still need to be awake for it.
[13:23:46] <Apsup> I thikn.
[13:23:47] <Apsup> *think
[13:24:01] <Aria> Yes, I was just providing context
[13:30:17] <Aria> People are making fun at Elen Musk for saying most 40 y/os in "advanced countries" can save up 200k USD
[13:30:33] <Aria> Elon*
[13:30:47] <Apsup> In what timeframe?
[13:31:56] <Aria> He didn't say. But that's the price of a trip to mars. It takes 5 years
[13:32:06] <Aria> So I assume the timeframe is like... 10 years?
[13:32:49] <Apsup> Not sure that that many people are like "I want to go to mars in ten years. I'll start saving for it today."
[13:33:33] <Aria> Anyway, I looked it up, Official Norway stats from 2012: households where the main income earner is in the late 60s was NOK
[13:33:33] <Aria> 1.9 million.
[13:34:01] <Aria> Median net wealth*
[13:34:36] <Aria> So it seems pretty reasonable to me that if you are well off and really want to go to Mars before you die, you can make it happen
[13:35:05] <Aria> Also apperantly that data point is from 2009, the document as a whole is from 2012
[13:52:54] <Bronz|work> There's a difference between "Most won't" and "Nobody will"
[14:01:57] <Aria> There's a character in Blazblue who is litterally dressed like those parody sexy gundams
[14:03:12] <Apsup> which character, also "parody sexy gundams?"
[14:03:20] <Aria> http://i47.tinypic.com
[14:04:00] <Apsup> oh it's that girl who is half of the characters.
[14:05:33] <Aria> Why are all her clothes concentrated on her shoulders?
[14:09:47] <Apsup> because she has to have clothes somewhere?
[14:10:17] <Aria> Who not on her belly instead? Seems more useful
[14:10:30] <Apsup> because bare belly has more sex appeal.
[14:10:38] <Apsup> and that's what it all comes down to.
[14:10:52] <Apsup> There are characters who cover the area around their belly and basically nothing else too.
[14:10:56] <Apsup> I think
[14:11:59] <Aria> But the close to nude characters in Guilty Gear don't look nearly so silly...
[14:21:24] <Apsup> Stylistic differences.
[14:21:36] <Apsup> Also BB has lots more almost nakes characters, so they need to get creative.
[14:23:16] <Aria> This game cluster truck looks cool
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