#geeknights | Logs for 2016-08-23

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[06:09:54] <Bronz|Work> Hi Apsup.
[06:26:13] <Apsup> Good moornin!
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[11:16:41] <Bronz|Work> Hi arias.
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[11:16:54] <Aria> Hi
[11:16:57] <Bronz|Work> Oh, one aria then.
[11:16:59] <Bronz|Work> Good morning!
[11:17:13] <Bronz|Work> I learned a new ticket system today.
[11:17:32] <Aria> Oil went up over night. I was hoping to have earned some money over night
[11:17:38] <Aria> Ended up just being 200
[11:17:40] <Bronz|Work> Geeze, how many times can you fill in the same fields over and over again very slowly, while poorly explaining the differecne between a request and incident.
[11:17:45] <Bronz|Work> Oh, 200 is pretty good.
[11:18:02] <Aria> Yeah, but I was confident it would be more
[11:18:07] <Aria> So am dissapointed
[11:18:14] <Aria> Espcially after losing 800 yesterday
[11:18:15] <Bronz|Work> I guess that's disappointing, yes.
[11:18:43] <Bronz|Work> I guess it's because of the reduced leverage, right?
[11:20:43] <Aria> Yes
[11:33:06] <Aria> The stupid magicarp song is stuck in my head
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[13:43:41] <Bronz|Work> The burnout revenge soundtrack is real good.
[13:46:14] <Apsup> I don't think I've heard it. Also hallo Bronz.
[13:46:52] <Aria> The parappa soundtrack is good
[13:47:08] <Apsup> It's rythm game it better have good soundtrack.
[13:48:43] <Bronz|Work> EA has always been pretty good at licensed soundtracks.
[14:15:13] <Bronz|Work> How're the stocks?
[14:15:38] <Aria> Eh..
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