#geeknights | Logs for 2016-08-22

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[05:53:46] <Bronz|Work> Good morning.
[05:57:09] <Apsup> Morning!
[06:54:10] <Bronz|Work> How goes?
[07:01:12] <Apsup> It's morning. Drinking coffee, playing Uncharted 4.
[07:21:43] <Bronz|Work> That sounds nice.
[07:28:17] <Apsup> It's fine. Sadly Uncharted 4 isn't very good game.
[07:29:15] <Bronz|Work> Oh, I haven't heard that oppinion before.
[07:29:20] <Bronz|Work> What makes you say that?
[07:30:41] <Apsup> The shooting, stealhting and climbing all have issues. It just controls awkwardly and there are annoyanses everywhere.
[07:38:40] <Bronz|Work> That sounds not good, then.
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[08:59:26] <Bronz|Work> Hi Aria!
[09:00:07] <Aria> Man I am so tired
[09:00:14] <Aria> I just want to close my eyes and drift away
[09:00:20] <Aria> But its 10!
[09:01:18] <Apsup> Morning Aria.
[09:01:29] <Aria> Oh hey
[09:01:32] <Aria> Hi
[09:01:32] <Apsup> I'm kinda tired too. Didn't sleep that much.
[09:01:49] <Apsup> Wanted to be up earlyish, so I'd have time to clean and do stuff.
[09:01:53] <Apsup> Haven't cleaned yet.
[09:03:03] <Aria> I woke up naturally at 9, and kept snoozing until it was 10
[09:04:36] <Apsup> Snoozing life is good life
[09:06:20] <Bronz|Work> I wish I could live the snoozing life.
[09:09:02] <Aria> New Platinum game. The trailer introduces it's cast of very generic RPG characters, and shows some concept art for enviornments. I am pretty excited
[09:09:08] <Aria> Because its Platinum
[09:12:49] <Aria> Apsup, have you heard of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei bu Love! Love! ? Also what a fucking title
[09:12:58] <Aria> All in kanji too
[09:13:01] <Apsup> I call fake title!
[09:13:05] <Apsup> You are fooling me.
[09:13:34] <Aria> "Handsome high school Earth Defense part LOVE! LOVE!"
[09:13:57] <Aria> https://youtu.be
[09:14:22] <Aria> I'm wondering if its a real show or just a song. I mean, I can see it says its a show
[09:14:47] <Aria> But maybe its like a music show or something, and they have a magic girl themed in universe music video or something
[09:14:57] <Aria> Or if the actual show is magical girls but boys
[09:14:57] <Apsup> Not a thing I'm familiar with no.
[09:15:38] <Apsup> http://www.crunchyroll.com
[09:15:44] <Bronz|Work> Hey Aria, I bet you'll like Apsup's thougts on Uncharted 4.
[09:15:49] <Bronz|Work> Or rather, agree with it?
[09:16:24] <Aria> Too much post murder banter that does not address all the murder?
[09:16:46] <Apsup> Not really, more about how the gameplay is no good.
[09:17:09] <Apsup> Also, I don't mind post murder banter, but I do mind that value of human life changes when it comes to named characters.
[09:17:29] <Apsup> "It's not his style to kill cold blood"
[09:17:41] <Apsup> Pretty sure it's totally his style, been doing that all day long.
[09:17:56] <Aria> Ok yes I agree with that
[09:18:19] <Aria> Also Cute High Earth Love Love, these boys don't have penises
[09:18:28] <Apsup> Oh no!
[09:19:14] <Apsup> Oh, Love Love is sequel, the first season is just one Love!
[09:20:31] <Aria> Oh hey
[09:20:36] <Aria> THats Fukuyama Jun
[09:21:57] <Aria> He's playing the only non-animu character
[09:23:10] <Aria> Everybody has crazy hair and like.. yknow, one character traint that is very obvious from one look. Jun's character is just a dude
[09:23:44] <Aria> This show is not very good
[09:23:57] <Aria> This guy's name is Kenshiro
[09:24:59] <Apsup> I should go to store, so I won't need to rush to make and eat dinner later.
[09:26:10] <Aria> ... there is a talking, walking hourglass
[09:29:24] <Aria> The in-universe henshin is called "Love making"
[09:31:18] <Aria> I'm gonna stop watching this show. It's pretty bad
[09:31:43] <Apsup> I don't blame you. I stopped before I even started. I didn't even think of starting.
[09:32:31] <Aria> The henshin started, so Im gonna at least see the henshins
[09:33:25] <Bronz|Work> That's how they getcha.
[09:33:35] <Aria> But seriously, male silhouettes have a danglingy bit between the legs
[09:38:06] <Aria> >=(
[09:39:10] <Aria> This hourglass guy, his thing is he wants to kill the Love Battelers (the main characters) and then stop time??? Anyway, he's dead and loses his hourglass form and turns into a normal person
[09:39:18] <Aria> His name is Tokiwa Tomaru
[09:39:32] <Aria> Which menas time is stopping
[09:39:44] <Aria> Which is a stupid pun
[09:40:06] <Apsup> He should have stopped time first and then killed the boys.
[09:40:31] <Aria> Yes. Yes he should've
[09:42:23] <Aria> Chrunchyroll is a lot better than I remember
[09:51:57] <Aria> Oh Apsup, speaking of cartoons. We finially started on Gundam Unicorn. Seen one episode
[09:52:25] <Aria> I was really afraid it was gonna be modern bullshit. But it was actually really good
[09:52:31] <Apsup> cool, I should continue watching it.
[09:52:31] <Aria> Felt like UC Gundam
[09:52:37] <Apsup> Or restart it.
[09:52:47] <Apsup> but it is UC Gundam
[09:52:55] <Aria> Well yeah, but I mean...
[09:53:14] <Aria> There hasn't been UC Gundam is a long time, and all the other Gundam in between has been modern Gundam
[09:53:30] <Aria> So I figured they forgot how to make UC Gundam. Or that it wasn't profitable
[09:54:39] <Apsup> Unicorn was originally a OVA series and came out super slow, so that's why it's of good quality.
[09:55:07] <Aria> Oh yeah I know. The production value shows
[09:56:24] <Apsup> But what am I to talk about Gundam, I liked Iron Blood Orphans and it's not UC show.
[09:56:51] <Apsup> Also second season of that coming at some point.
[09:56:56] <Aria> Oh I like the modern shows. But they're different shows
[09:57:04] <Aria> And I miss the old shows
[09:57:29] <Apsup> Well, I still haven't finished watching the original Gundam series, so I have some left.
[10:03:10] <Aria> We also started this other mech show, Nobunaga The Fool. It has wooden mechs with samurai swords. Should be good, right?
[10:03:17] <Aria> It isn't. It's pretty bad
[10:03:38] <Bronz|Work> Well, I mean... it's not /bad/ per se.
[10:03:52] <Aria> Do you want to watch more then?
[10:04:04] <Bronz|Work> See, it's not /good/ either.
[10:04:18] <Aria> Oh I earned 150eur just now by the way, which Im happy with
[10:09:29] <Aria> Mario is the mascot for Tokyo 2020
[10:10:28] <Aria> Which is cool
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[10:46:15] <Aria> My computer randomly logged out?
[10:46:22] <Bronz|Work> odd.
[10:49:27] <Aria> How come there is no detective costume for Pikachu in Smash 4?
[10:50:52] <Aria> That's a canon thing. Is hachimaki Pikachu a thing outside of Smash?
[10:57:45] <Bronz|Work> It's a good questoin.
[11:00:15] <Aria> Oh I could've earned way more on the oil
[11:00:19] <Aria> Oh well
[11:01:53] <Aria> Right brb
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[11:11:52] <Apsup> Fuck rain fuck rain fuck rain
[11:16:19] <Aria> Have you seen that Magicarp song?
[11:16:22] <Aria> Its cute
[11:16:55] <Apsup> I don't think I have.
[11:18:09] <Aria> Give me a second to find it with subtitles. It's called I love Koiking
[11:19:00] <Aria> Um...
[11:19:17] <Aria> I guess no one subtitled it? But it has like a million views...
[11:21:05] <Aria> Ok here https://vid.me
[11:21:30] <Aria> Quality is very bad, also vid.me?
[11:27:25] <Apsup> it was cute song
[11:52:35] <Bronz|Work> YOUR a cute song!
[11:54:30] <Aria> No I didn't make it
[11:54:36] <Aria> Nintendo made it
[12:02:04] <Aria> There's a keroro gunso Pokemon?
[12:02:39] <Aria> Ok I paused, they look nothing like keroro gunso
[12:02:54] <Bronz|Work> ...
[12:03:04] <Aria> But there is a Pokemon that is just Gyrodos (?) but red
[12:03:14] <Bronz|Work> Yes, that's shiny Gyrodos.
[12:03:19] <Bronz|Work> Gyrados?
[12:03:22] <Aria> Oh
[12:03:31] <Bronz|Work> Gyarados
[12:04:48] <Aria> There is also a Gerninja, but with more spikes
[12:04:57] <Aria> ALso he gets detailed weapons!
[12:05:12] <Bronz|Work> Mega Greninja?
[12:05:17] <Aria> I knew he had like a water sword, but I figured it was just a moon shape
[12:05:40] <Aria> But he has like a ninja throwing knife and one of those large X shurikens
[12:28:23] <Bronz|Work> Guy next to me was eating the smelliest home-brought lunch.
[12:29:00] <Aria> Bad or just strong?
[12:30:06] <Bronz|Work> Hmm, bit of both?
[12:31:03] <Aria> Crap
[12:31:11] <Aria> Just lost 150 eur
[12:45:53] <Bronz|Work> You gain some, you lose some.
[12:46:18] <Aria> Yeah but I lost a large amount
[12:47:08] <Bronz|Work> Didn't you gain 150 earlier this morning?
[12:47:28] <Aria> Yeah
[12:49:34] <Bronz|Work> So you're back to 0?
[12:49:38] <Bronz|Work> (Ish)
[12:49:54] <Aria> Plus 50 I think
[12:52:12] <Apsup> Why can't bathrooms be self cleaning. So much water running around there everywhere that they should be.
[12:53:31] <Aria> Kickstarter?
[12:53:55] <Apsup> Would have to invent it first. I don't think kickstarters based on vague ideas work.
[12:54:03] <Apsup> Doesn't stop people from trying though.
[12:55:17] <Aria> Kickstarter is primarly for vague ideas and finished video games
[12:56:08] <Apsup> Also I've heard that you can't really do kickstarter stuff in finland for some law reasons.
[12:56:23] <Apsup> There has been some projects, but those have been pre-orders by name.
[12:56:44] <Apsup> to get around legal stuff.
[12:57:02] <Aria> You get around that usually by having a friend in an approved country hold your money and send it to you
[12:57:25] <Bronz|Work> Ah, yes, money laundring.
[12:57:27] <Bronz|Work> The best advice.
[12:57:58] <Aria> Is it laundering when its not hidden and you pay taxes?
[12:58:16] <Bronz|Work> Are you avoiding laws, yes/no?
[12:58:36] <Aria> No, avoiding company policy
[12:58:57] <Apsup> I would also assume that moving the money from the friend to you would rase some questions.
[12:58:57] <Bronz|Work> I doubt the company policy only goes for Finland, without some sort of law requiring it.
[12:59:25] <Bronz|Work> Also, beter hope that friend is friggin reliable.
[12:59:37] <Aria> Sign a contract
[12:59:37] <Apsup> and not use the money to build a house.
[13:00:08] <Aria> I've seen kickstarters admitting to paying a guy 5% or whatever to forward the money
[13:00:13] <Aria> So it can't be straight up illegal
[13:00:36] <Bronz|Work> Well, I mean...
[13:00:37] <Aria> Also damn!
[13:00:38] <Bronz|Work> It can be.
[13:00:39] <Aria> Look at oil
[13:00:41] <Apsup> It can be illegal per country.
[13:00:43] <Aria> I need it to go down
[13:01:01] <Aria> It jumped 36% in a few seconds
[13:01:02] <Bronz|Work> All I'm saying is "Talk to a lawyer or something first, maybe?"
[13:01:06] <Bronz|Work> Oh geeze.
[13:01:07] <Apsup> Or it can be legal, but I could be hit with huge taxes, and then I would have to raise even more money and so on.
[13:01:10] <Aria> 36% of my money, not worth of oil
[13:01:17] <Bronz|Work> Oh, ok.
[13:01:19] <Aria> It jumped like 6 ticks or whatever
[13:09:52] <Bronz|Work> This song reminds me of OoO.
[13:10:18] <Aria> Link?
[13:10:24] <Aria> Also I just lost another 150
[13:10:48] <Bronz|Work> https://www.youtube.com
[13:11:00] <Bronz|Work> ... =(
[13:11:35] <Aria> It could've been extremely easily avoided
[13:12:06] <Aria> Yes, this song fits OOO well
[13:13:01] <Bronz|Work> Slightly less when the start singing.
[13:13:03] <Bronz|Work> But still.
[13:13:19] <Aria> Still works
[13:15:23] <Aria> We should finish OOO
[13:15:36] <Aria> We should start Wizard
[13:15:52] <Bronz|Work> Skip Fourze?
[13:16:09] <Aria> We should watch Fourze
[13:16:13] <Bronz|Work> I mean, clearly, Wizard has an excelent outfit.
[13:16:17] <Bronz|Work> I could see us starting that.
[13:16:27] <Aria> Maybe we should just watch every movie
[13:17:29] <Aria> The problem with the movie is that the new rider is always OP
[13:30:09] * Bronz|Work is tired.
[14:14:38] <Apsup> :[ I bought different brand of fries and sausage than I usually do and I feel that I didn't keep ether of them in oven for long enough.
[14:15:48] <Bronz|Work> Oven fries? Bleh.
[14:15:50] <Bronz|Work> Get a frier.
[14:16:09] <Apsup> I'm not filling my tiny kitchen for occasional fries.
[14:16:23] <Apsup> Also more healthy, I assume with no fat frying around.
[14:16:52] <Bronz|Work> Hmm... I suppose.
[14:17:13] <Bronz|Work> You could do it on the stove, though that's slightly less safe.
[14:17:27] <Apsup> Also more effort.
[14:17:41] <Apsup> Oven fries are put in and forget level of difficulty
[14:18:25] <Bronz|Work> I guess that's fair, if you're willing to deal with sub-par fries.
[14:28:01] <Bronz|Work> Bus leaves in 2 minutes.
[14:28:08] <Bronz|Work> the next is in 37 minutes.
[14:28:09] <Bronz|Work> >_>
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