#geeknights | Logs for 2016-08-19

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[10:16:44] <Bronz|work> Hi Apsup
[10:16:51] <Apsup> Hallo!
[10:19:16] <Bronz|work> Today, they're doing an emergency back-up test.
[10:19:35] <Bronz|work> Meaning all our calls, etc, are being transfered to another call centre, and we have to not do anything.
[10:19:43] <Apsup> cool
[10:19:49] <Apsup> Sounds good day at work.
[10:19:54] <Apsup> Not for the other call center though.
[10:20:13] <Bronz|work> Indeed.
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[13:57:55] <Bronz|wo1k> hi yoshokatana.
[13:58:00] <yoshokatana> morning
[13:58:38] <Apsup> Halloo
[14:13:03] <Bronz|wo1k> How goes it?
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[14:24:05] <Bronz|wo1k> oh hi Aria
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[14:31:05] <Aria> It didn't work]
[14:31:11] <Aria> I still slept until 15
[14:31:24] <Aria> I even had an alarm
[14:31:28] <Apsup> I don't know what you tried, but at least you tried.
[14:31:29] <Aria> which I guess I slept through
[14:31:36] <Apsup> Need more alarms.
[14:32:02] <Bronz|Work> Indeed. What time did you set the alarm for?
[14:32:06] <Aria> I tried staying up a day and half when I woke up like 2am yesterday
[14:32:12] <Aria> Like 9 or 10
[14:32:17] <Bronz|Work> Ah, ok.
[14:32:23] <Aria> After I expected to have woken up naturally
[14:32:23] <Bronz|Work> Wait, you aren't sure?
[14:32:48] <Aria> No, Im not sure. But I checked and its on
[14:32:57] <Bronz|Work> Your body is currently thinking that 15.00 is the correct time to wake up.
[14:33:10] <Bronz|Work> So it's going to do it's very very best to wake up around then.
[14:34:02] <Aria> I wanted to do some UE before you got home
[14:34:51] <Bronz|Work> You still have 2 hours or so.
[14:35:44] <Aria> Eh, but breakfast
[14:35:49] <Aria> Also, we're out of milk
[14:35:54] <Aria> Or rather, our milk is expired
[14:36:41] <Apsup> expired how much?
[14:36:46] <Bronz|Work> =(
[14:36:46] <Apsup> Day or two doesn't matter.
[14:36:59] <Apsup> In coffee you can use it even longer if you are willing to live dangerously.
[14:37:06] <Aria> Not lumpy, but it tasted real... Um.. what
[14:37:16] <Bronz|Work> Sour?
[14:37:22] <Aria> Yes
[14:37:25] <Aria> It tasted sour
[14:37:26] <Apsup> Oh, if you taste it, then it's no good.
[14:37:40] <Apsup> probably
[14:37:41] <Bronz|Work> If you can smell it or taste it, then it's bad.
[14:37:47] <Bronz|Work> Because it's not tasty
[14:37:55] <Bronz|Work> You won't get sick, of course, it's just no good.
[15:39:39] <Bronz|Work> You are good at investing, aria.
[15:39:50] <Bronz|Work> that's a nice (almost) 20% gold investment.
[15:49:38] <Aria> Spying on me, eh =P?
[15:49:53] <Bronz|Work> Yes, of course.
[15:50:08] <Bronz|Work> Though is it spying if you post it on a social network?
[15:50:20] <Aria> I... did?
[15:53:48] <Bronz|Work> Yes, EToro is a social network.
[15:54:04] <Bronz|Work> You can sign up for a free account in 2 minutes, and see what you're upto very easily
[15:54:43] <Aria> Ah I see
[15:54:49] <Aria> You aren't logged into my account?
[15:55:17] <Bronz|Work> I mean, obviously I am. I'm not gonna bother making a NEW account.
[15:55:32] <Aria> I see
[16:00:12] <Bronz|Work> Ok, bye.
[16:01:27] <Aria> Bye
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