#geeknights | Logs for 2016-07-28

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[05:51:05] <Bronz|work> Good morning.
[06:29:13] <Apsup> Morning
[06:39:11] <Apsup> I now have Windows 10.
[06:39:30] <Apsup> Also because I now have it, decided test the free to play part of Killer Instinct.
[06:43:22] <Bronz|work> I believe it has a lot of punching?
[06:43:53] <Apsup> so it seems. I'm surpriced that it runs perfectly well on my computer.
[06:44:06] <Apsup> That is nice, if I ever wanted to invest more time or any money in this.
[08:00:42] <Apsup> Also I managed to get house somewhat cleaned without resorting to arsony.
[08:00:57] <Bronz|work> Aww man, not even a little arsony?
[08:05:13] <Apsup> I did rub some dirt of a table. That might have cause minimal amounts of heat.
[08:24:06] <Bronz|work> >_>
[11:18:47] <Bronz|work> Apperantly, KDE doesn't look half-bad now.
[11:42:28] <Apsup> So it's 51% or more good?
[11:46:13] <Bronz|work> Yes.
[12:49:40] <Apsup> I'm tired :[
[12:50:01] <Bronz|work> Looks like Aria was too, he's still sleeping.
[13:02:13] <Apsup> I had visitors, I couldn't have slept this long.
[13:08:30] <Bronz|work> It's just your parents, surely they understand.
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[13:31:03] <Bronz|work> Speaking of Aria, hello!
[13:31:09] <Aria> Hi
[13:31:19] <Aria> I woke up a bit late
[13:32:54] <Apsup> so it seems
[13:33:13] <Apsup> I woke up early in the morning, to finish up the cleaning before my mom came.
[13:33:18] <Apsup> Still wasn't enough.
[13:33:29] <Bronz|work> Did your mom complain?
[13:33:56] <Apsup> I don't notive it that much as I live with it daily, but it seems that the well in my shower is super stinky.
[13:34:47] <Bronz|work> I find that when I clean up, after two hours, I stop being effetive, and I just start moving a box from one side to the room and back.
[13:35:37] <Apsup> Well, moms visit is the best motivatior for me. And even still I was so slow that I was taking trash out last nigth at 1 am.
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[14:16:51] <Bronz|work> welcome back.
[14:17:14] <Apsup> I got my first Windows 10 Blue Screen. Not a good sign.
[14:17:46] <Aria> Ive had a few of those
[14:17:50] <Aria> Oculus is really good at causing them
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[14:23:53] <Bronz|work> Oh my.
[14:23:58] <Bronz|work> Did it happen again?
[14:24:09] <Bronz|work> Try moving your toaster off of your computer?
[14:37:59] <Apsup> Wasn't that, I just had to log in again. Did some user changes.
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