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[10:40:15] <Aria> Hey Apsup
[10:40:18] <Aria> You know cartoons
[10:40:35] <Aria> 'Hataraku maou sama'
[10:40:53] <Aria> Is that porn or a real show?
[10:41:05] <Apsup> does it have a real name?
[10:41:12] <Aria> No?
[10:41:23] <Apsup> then I don't know it
[10:41:27] <Aria> English: The Devil is a Part-Timer!
[10:41:27] <Aria> Synonyms: Hataraku Maou-sama!
[10:41:27] <Aria> Japanese: はたらく魔王さま!
[10:42:06] <Apsup> haven't seen
[10:42:27] <Aria> I watched the trailer. Decided its porn. So never mind
[10:42:45] <Aria> Has a 8.0 rating on this site
[10:52:08] <Aria> What are the most recent marvel movies on the pirate bay?
[10:52:19] <Aria> Is Civil War out?
[10:52:24] <Apsup> dunno
[10:54:04] <Aria> Have you seen The Last Witchunter Vin Diesel with Vin Diesel?
[10:54:57] <Apsup> no. I also haven't seen Last Witchhunter without Vin Diesel
[10:55:52] <Aria> Did you see that new Peter Pan movie?
[10:55:58] <Apsup> nope.
[10:56:08] <Apsup> Haven't seen really any movies lately.
[10:56:19] <Aria> Its a year old
[10:56:25] <Apsup> still.
[11:00:50] <Aria> Have you seen Yamashibai?
[11:01:04] <Aria> I've listened to Dave spoil every episode
[11:01:16] <Aria> So Im not worth watching anymore
[11:09:15] <Aria> Have you seen Riding Girls? Is it any good?
[11:14:49] <Apsup> Is Riding Girls the anime from last season with girls and bikes?
[11:15:42] <Aria> Yes, and the one girl has a hole for her bra to stick out of
[11:15:46] <Aria> Also its rolling girls, turns out
[11:15:59] <Aria> I downloaded it, so I guess I will find out
[11:16:19] <Apsup> If it is the show I'm thinking of, I watched one episode, don't think I even finished that one as I wanted to stop.
[11:16:34] <Apsup> The main character girl should not be allowed to be out on her own without supervision.
[11:16:53] <Aria> Oh...
[11:17:11] <Aria> I watched the trailer. And decided it was garbage. But then shit started exploding
[11:17:23] <Aria> So maybe the show has a similar arc where the first half nothing happens
[11:17:28] <Aria> And then explosions
[11:17:38] <Aria> Maybe I should delete it then
[11:17:41] <Apsup> oh. I'm talking of different show.
[11:17:51] <Aria> Ah good
[11:17:53] <Apsup> I was talking about other girls and motorbikes show
[11:18:03] <Aria> I watched one like that
[11:18:04] <Aria> Ride Back
[11:18:07] <Aria> It wasn't very good
[11:18:20] <Aria> They had arms on the bikes
[11:18:39] <Aria> But other than having arms, the bikes were just bikes. The arms served no purpose
[11:18:52] <Apsup> I watched all of Food Wars that has come out recently.
[11:19:03] <Aria> Oh yeah, that's on my list
[11:19:11] <Apsup> Also, the girls and bikes show I was talking about was Bakuon!!
[11:19:15] <Aria> Or Walters list. And I promised I would watch it with him when its proper out
[11:19:27] <Aria> I know which one that is
[11:19:39] <Apsup> It's shounen show, so I don't think it's gonna be finished any time soon.
[11:19:40] <Aria> Saw the commercial and decided its porn/garbage
[11:19:44] <Apsup> The manga is still oncoming.
[11:20:01] <Aria> That's alright. I'll not watch it
[11:20:04] <Aria> DOn't tell Walter
[11:21:15] <Apsup> Also, apparently I don't need to invest into new arcade stick when I get PS4.
[11:21:27] <Aria> Because it has USB ports?
[11:21:28] <Aria> Yeah.
[11:21:30] <Apsup> At evo they announced that KoF XIV will support PS3 sticks.
[11:21:38] <Aria> Ah
[11:21:43] <Apsup> It's not just USB ports, there are things called drivers.
[11:22:04] <Apsup> Both Xbox and PS use USB and funnily they don't support each other's controllers.
[11:22:25] <Aria> We have universal controller shit. You don't need custom drivers
[11:22:33] <Aria> PS4 supports xinput
[11:22:38] <Aria> Actually, it doesn't...
[11:22:48] <Aria> But it probably supports dinput
[11:23:31] <Aria> Have you seen Blood Blockade Battlefront?
[11:23:47] <Apsup> nop
[11:33:10] <Aria> How about this one "Noein"?
[11:33:18] <Apsup> still no
[11:33:19] <Aria> 2008 show
[11:34:31] <Aria> Hanayamata?
[11:34:57] <Apsup> I think I've heard the name before, but not sure.
[11:37:54] <Aria> Wizard Barristers?
[11:38:12] <Apsup> I refuse to belive that's even a real thing.
[11:38:39] <Aria> Oh this looks cool
[11:40:21] <Aria> I guess no one subbed it
[11:48:42] <Aria> Steele Justice?
[11:51:57] <Aria> Good Dinosaur?
[12:00:14] <Aria> Ok. So I think I've downloaded every movie and cartoon I can find from the last bit
[12:00:22] <Aria> Anything you want to recommend?
[12:00:36] <Apsup> Jojo's?
[12:01:40] <Aria> I mean, that is a good suggestion, but it's not done yet
[12:01:44] <Apsup> Have you seen Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju?
[12:02:00] <Aria> No
[12:02:07] <Apsup> It also will never be done. Also every part of Jojo's is technically standalone, so parts 1 to 3 are done.
[12:02:24] <Aria> I'll give this show a shot
[12:02:47] <Aria> It's not on nyaa
[12:02:50] <Apsup> It's drama about japanese teathere storytelling thing and few men who do it.
[12:03:01] <Aria> I read the blurb
[12:03:08] <Aria> But I can't find it up for pirating
[12:03:17] <Apsup> I might have mistyped the name.
[12:03:26] <Apsup> Found episodes instantly with Rakugo Shinjuu
[12:03:41] <Apsup> Actually, first result is full season batch
[12:04:09] <Apsup> also, where did you read the blurb?
[12:04:19] <Apsup> At least the crunchyroll one is super misleading.
[12:04:35] <Aria> Wikipedia
[12:06:14] <Aria> Alright. I got the horriblesubs batch
[12:06:20] <Aria> Couldn't find a BD batch
[12:06:53] <Apsup> it's still recent, so I don't think there are blue-rays out yet.
[12:07:07] <Aria> Oh
[12:07:24] <Aria> I'll watch TV. Do you have a different show that has actually been out for a year?
[12:07:40] <Apsup> no?
[12:08:22] <Aria> Kill la Kill is only one season, right?
[12:08:28] <Aria> So I can watch that now
[12:08:39] <Apsup> sure, haven't seen it yet?
[12:08:54] <Aria> No.
[12:09:11] <Aria> I don't like waiting, so I only watch things that are done
[12:09:16] <Aria> And then usually wait for BDs
[12:14:32] <Aria> 127GB by the way
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[16:49:11] <Aria> Hi
[16:49:14] <Aria> My internets died
[16:49:19] <Aria> *shrugs*
[16:49:30] <Aria> So now none of those cartoons are done downloading
[16:49:43] <Aria> We watched Batman v Supes
[16:49:46] <Aria> It was alright
[16:49:57] <Aria> I'm surprised the internet hated it so much
[16:50:18] <Bronzdragon> Indeed, I heard many bad things.
[16:54:10] <Aria> But why was Batman in Hokuto no Ken for 2 minutes in the middle?
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[20:18:39] <Aria> Hello again
[20:18:45] <Aria> We saw Terminator Genysis
[20:18:48] <Aria> And we both liked it
[20:18:54] <Aria> We also liked Batman v Superman
[20:19:08] <Aria> I had heard both of those movies were universally hated
[20:19:29] <Aria> Whats up with that?
[20:41:50] <Apsup> I'm sorry to tell you that you have a bad taste.
[20:41:59] <Apsup> Also, it's terminal.
[20:47:17] <Aria> For Superman, it was a longer cut, +30 minutes or something. And this one guy I watch on youtube said it made all the difference. But I wouldn't know
[20:47:55] <Aria> Terminator was better than Superman
[20:49:07] <Apsup> I heard that the longer cut explained the reasoning of some actions taken of some characters, but I don't think that could make such a huge difference.
[20:49:27] <Apsup> As people seemed to have more issues with it, than just "the reasons of doing a thing weren't explained properly"
[20:50:23] <Aria> I dunno, I don't think many of the characters actions made sense in the version I saw either
[20:50:51] <Apsup> I can belive that.
[20:56:29] <Aria> No but serious, why was there a Hokuto no Ken scene in the middle of the batman movie?
[20:56:52] <Apsup> Because they wanted there to be one?
[20:57:56] <Aria> Yeah but I mean... it didn't... come from anywhere? Or go anywhere?
[20:58:37] <Apsup> Maybe you need extra bonus additional directors cut edition with 30 more minutes to set up and explain that scene.
[20:59:32] <Aria> Does that movie have Shuu in it?
[20:59:39] <Bronzdragon> I just want hokuto no ken.
[20:59:46] <Bronzdragon> Can we just have an hour-long movie that's that?
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