#geeknights | Logs for 2016-07-15

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[09:48:54] <Bronz|work> Hi Aria.
[09:49:11] <Bronz|work> How was your two and a half hours of extra naps?
[09:52:21] <Aria> Good, good
[09:53:03] <Bronz|work> Oh, btw, I bought an extra charger for my phone which I plan to leave at work.
[09:53:21] <Bronz|work> Cost £4, and amazon is shipping it here.
[09:55:42] <Aria> ...I can just give you one from home
[09:55:43] <Aria> we have many
[09:58:35] <Bronz|work> That plug into outlets?
[09:58:42] <Aria> Aha
[09:58:46] <Bronz|work> We don't have many uk plug to usb things.
[09:59:01] <Aria> I used to have one permantly at work
[09:59:12] <Aria> And one permanently by my bed
[09:59:24] <Aria> You brought the one permanently at work home
[09:59:27] <Aria> And we have a few others too
[09:59:33] <Bronz|work> Oh, well, I guess I could bring that one to work.
[09:59:42] <Bronz|work> Should we cancel the amazon order then?
[10:00:01] <Aria> Probably
[10:02:13] <Bronz|work> I requested the cancellation
[10:05:22] <Bronz|work> My throat hurts =/
[10:09:27] <Aria> hm. Missed call from No Caller ID
[10:16:38] <Bronz|work> Might be tesco guy, asking if he can come early? Though it would be very early...
[11:00:15] <Aria> Another terrorist attack
[11:00:20] <Aria> In France today
[11:00:22] <Aria> 84 dead
[11:03:15] <Bronz|work> Yeah, nice, france.
[11:03:20] <Bronz|work> Bus drove into a crowd, I heard?
[11:03:34] <Aria> Truck
[11:04:19] <Bronz|work> 84 is a very high number.
[11:05:31] <Aria> They also had a box of granades
[11:05:36] <Aria> But didn't use them
[11:05:40] <Aria> And a pistol
[11:06:38] <Aria> IS claimed responsibility. But it apperantly wasn't them
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[11:27:24] <Aria> Another call, but didn't have time to answer
[11:27:30] <Aria> Hi Apsup
[11:27:34] <Apsup> Hallo
[11:34:35] <Bronz|work> hi Apsup
[11:34:51] <Bronz|work> IS claims responibillity for everything.
[11:35:36] <Bronz|work> I'm really curious about your mystery calls though.
[12:26:05] <Bronz|work> I'm starting to feel a little sick.
[12:26:08] <Bronz|work> =/
[12:29:40] <Apsup> have you eaten?
[12:29:46] <Apsup> Have you eaten wrong things?
[12:29:56] <Bronz|work> I ate a burger.
[12:30:00] <Bronz|work> Or rather, half of a burger.
[12:30:10] <Bronz|work> It's a lot better then the cafeteria burger normally is.
[12:30:23] <Apsup> I sometimes feel sick if I haven't eaten for a while, es
[12:30:29] <Apsup> espcially if I skip breakfast.
[12:30:34] <Bronz|work> But I've begone the day with a very sore throat.
[12:30:42] <Bronz|work> And I've been tired.
[12:30:50] <Bronz|work> and now I just kind of feel bleh as well.
[12:31:10] <Bronz|work> Oh, also slightly above average mucus production?
[12:31:45] <Bronz|work> I might be going into too much detail here?
[12:32:26] <Apsup> I'm not a doctor, so the details don't help.
[14:56:46] <Aria> Luckily its friday
[14:56:50] <Aria> So you can sleep when you come home
[14:56:52] <Aria> For three days
[14:57:10] <Aria> I feel like playing Bloodborne. But then I remember how it looks
[14:57:16] <Aria> That playstation neo can't come any sooner
[14:57:44] <Aria> Soon enough* I guess is the expression
[15:19:48] <Apsup> Still lucky that I'm blessed with eyes that can play whatever I want.
[15:19:58] <Apsup> Also. I'm this close of ordering PS4.
[15:20:03] <Apsup> And arcade stick for it.
[15:20:54] <Bronz|work> I agree, I would just play Bloodborne.
[15:21:06] <Bronz|work> Maybe I would notice for the first 5 minutes, but afterwards, eh
[15:51:40] <Aria> Do you know also supports USB fight sticks?
[15:51:43] <Aria> Windows
[15:51:49] <Aria> Tesco man arrived early
[15:51:58] <Bronz|work> Ask him if he called earlier
[15:51:58] <Aria> So I had to cancel out of my shower
[15:52:23] <Bronz|work> Aww, stupid tesco guy, bringing food at the wrong time.
[15:52:37] <Aria> Too late, forgot to ask
[15:58:39] <Bronz|work> ok gbye
[16:01:40] <Apsup> Aria: Did you miss the word "what" in your earlier question?
[16:02:15] <Aria> Yes, sorry
[16:02:28] <Apsup> I already have a fight stick that works with PC.
[16:02:46] <Aria> What game is it you can't play on PC?
[16:03:29] <Apsup> King of Fighters 14 (untill it's ported in some far future date), also Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 (unless I update my PC).
[16:03:45] <Apsup> Also Bloodborne, but that's not a fighting game nor will I use stick for it.
[16:04:00] <Aria> KoF isn't for PS4 either
[16:04:08] <Aria> It's coming out in the future
[16:04:08] <Apsup> Not yet.
[16:04:13] <Apsup> Next month.
[16:04:21] <Aria> But not for PC?
[16:04:48] <Apsup> No mentions of PC port yet, so if and when they make one, it's probably well after the PS4 version is out.
[16:05:13] <Aria> Isn't it cheaper to upgrade your PC? A 1070 costs 430 pounds
[16:05:37] <Aria> For Tekken and SF
[16:05:47] <Aria> KOF is being ported to PC for sure. Might just take a bit
[16:06:01] <Apsup> But I want it now. Also want Bloodborne.
[16:06:31] <Apsup> Also, I would probably need to update almost everything on my PC so it would probably end up costing quite a bit.
[16:07:00] <Apsup> Unless I do a very minimal update which means that it would be old at arrival.
[16:07:00] <Aria> Bloodborne not only stabs you when you look at it, it's also hard to play because of the framerate. And for fighting games, framerate is even more important.
[16:07:18] <Aria> So if you consider that and decide you want that Neo, you'll have to wait anyway
[16:07:19] <Apsup> Fighting games tend to manage the 60fps on consoles.
[16:07:43] <Aria> What do you need to update on your PC?
[16:07:46] <Aria> What CPU do you have?
[16:07:47] <Apsup> Also, fuck no. I don't need to pay extra for upscaled resolution that my television doesn't even support.
[16:07:53] <Apsup> i3
[16:07:58] <Aria> Which i3
[16:09:04] <Apsup> i3 2100, 3.10GHz
[16:09:40] <Apsup> It has already proved to be lacking some times, although I've managed, especially in cases where framerate doesn't matter.
[16:10:01] <Apsup> But wasn't able to make Street Fighter V playable when I pirated the beta.
[16:10:42] <Aria> I think that should be fine. Are you sure it was the CPU that was the issue with SFV?
[16:10:56] <Aria> Also SFV supports 30hz/double speed mode
[16:11:41] <Apsup> Not sure, but that seems to be close of minimum requirements of many current games. Also something better would help with PS2/Wii emulation.
[16:12:14] <Aria> Yes, you need to upgrade for Dolphin. But for games you're fine. Get a new GPU and you'll be gold
[16:12:46] <Apsup> Still, all in all, in my current situation, I'd rather get PS4, play new games on that and get bigge PC upgrade futher in the future.
[16:13:08] <Aria> Your PC can't do Dolphin either!
[16:13:12] <Aria> PS4*
[16:15:20] <Apsup> Sure, but I can live with that.
[16:15:45] <Apsup> Especially as I already got to play Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS, so I'm fine for now.
[16:15:49] <Apsup> One can never get all.
[16:15:54] <Apsup> Unless I win in lottery.
[16:16:33] <Aria> But then PC sounds like the better option again. If you don't want Dolphin, you can spend less to upgrade, and you'll have a good PC, as opposed to a bad PC and a PS4
[16:17:12] <Aria> I mean, I generally think Windows and PCs in general are a terrible way to play games
[16:17:38] <Aria> But in this case, I've turned on my PS4 maybe six times since I bought it
[16:18:17] <Aria> Do you know what you need? A WiiU
[16:18:18] <Apsup> Sure, but you are you. I really really really want Bloodborne and I can't remember when I've ever been as hyped for a game as I'm for KoF XIV.
[16:18:25] <Aria> WiiU is old. It's cheap. It has way more games
[16:18:48] <Apsup> WiiU has Bayonetta 2, and when I get rich, I'll get it at some point, but that point is not now.
[16:19:04] <Aria> You should try that Smash 4
[16:19:15] <Aria> It's like KoF in that you can punch dudes.
[16:19:28] <Aria> But it's also like... other games
[16:19:36] <Aria> In that you can jump and shit
[16:19:41] <Apsup> If I want Smash I can get it on 3DS.
[16:19:56] <Aria> I wouldn't...
[16:20:02] <Aria> Hey do you have a 3DS pirate card?
[16:20:08] <Apsup> Also many of the bigger games that I would otherwise get on PC in the future I can just get on PS4.
[16:20:09] <Aria> How do you switch between roms?
[16:20:11] <Apsup> No.
[16:20:42] <Apsup> Also, for piracy in 3DS you just hack the firmware, no need for pirate cards anymore.
[16:20:57] <Aria> Alright. I do, but I can't get to the menu, and I'm afraid to make changes to the roms on it because I think my save for Fire Emblem is on it
[16:21:10] <Aria> Oh? How do you do that?
[16:21:25] <Apsup> I haven't looked too much into it, but there are guides online.
[16:21:39] <Aria> I already bought two pirate cards though
[16:21:45] <Aria> They were more money than the 3DSs
[16:22:15] <Apsup> ...
[16:25:01] <Aria> Anyway, I recommend Smash 4 with a gamecube controller. If you can't get a GC adapter for 3DS, I don't think it'll be a good experience
[16:25:09] <Aria> Also Mario 3D land
[16:25:10] <Aria> world?
[16:25:14] <Aria> Land I think
[16:25:25] <Aria> This years Mario Kart is really good
[16:25:45] <Aria> And I have like 10 other games for the thing and they're all really good
[16:26:20] <Apsup> I bought the new Monster Hunter last night. That's some hundreds of hours of fun incoming.
[16:26:48] <Aria> I bought the last monster hunter
[16:26:54] <Aria> With a New 3DS
[16:26:58] <Aria> Both me and Walter
[16:27:05] <Aria> But we haven't had time to play it yet
[16:29:38] <Aria> Right, I will be back later
[17:28:58] <Aria> Why is the Klobb so bad?
[17:36:51] <Apsup> What is the Klobb
[17:36:54] <Apsup> Also, fuck rain.
[17:38:48] <Aria> Its a gun
[17:38:52] <Aria> From Golden Eye 64
[17:39:00] <Apsup> Of right, it did sound familiar.
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